[Ann] US Credit Card Integrations

For more than a month we’re working on developing common infrastructure for SambaPOS integrations. This project is called SambaIN and we completed features we need for all credit card integrations. Now we’ll start implementing device / service integrations.

… and we want to learn more about:

  1. Which payment processing companies our US based users are actually using for Credit Card payments.
  2. Which devices are preferred most.
  3. Which payment processor you’ll want us to integrate SambaPOS with.
  4. Possible additional features you want to have related with payment processing.

As soon as we’re ready to release test versions I’ll setup a separate private beta group for testing and invite participants of this topic to join. As always beta members will have benefits :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance for sharing your opinions.


What’s with the Ann prefix on the last two topics?

That’s exciting news. Device wise pretty much every place I have been in last 6 months has ingenco 250 I think they are. Same nodels as provided by paymentsence for your existing intergration.

From what I have seen in the payment sense intergration I think the interface needs a little cleaning up, samba as a whole is so slick and the boxy interface kinda spools it. Understand there may be limitations due to what it is but that’s one thing I see.

Provider wise know you said US but over here although i don’t have stats for UK useage but in the hotel group we use worldpay for main hotel, payment sense at another and barcleys at the other.
I believe the parent group signed with worldpay at the same time we switched at hotel.
Worldpay is pretty big and seen allot. Streamline used to be popular but not sure if they have lost market share.
Not sure how it compairs to US but most banks offer card services although don’t know if they use mainstream providers as ‘underwriters’


I’m trying to capture attention. afaik that prefix is used in forums for announcement topics.

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Those ingenco models are what we have at all 3 hotels which are with 3 separate providers. It’s a popular model ATM.

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Machine manufacturers not important. Because payment processors develop their solutions into that machines. PaymentSense and US providers use same machine with different softwares in machines

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I thought that was the case but emre said preferred devices.

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Problem with Worldpay is they have their own POS solution and have been known to play on customers offering their own POS solution undercutting whatever the existing POS is. Paymentsense brought up this fact at their partner conference last year, it was definitely an eye opener as to how many of the merchant providers actually also sell POS solutions and openly will market them to your customers (all sales staff get commissions so they won’t hold back). I think the only ones that don’t have a competing POS solution are Paymentsense and Streamline, the latter as you say has lost a lot of market share now. Even worth noting First Data, who Paymentsense use, have the clover POS solution but won’t offer it to Paymentsense customers. Same in US with a few I am sure, I know First Data offer clover POS there also. This is quite important IMHO.


I love this ANN prefix :slight_smile: Thanks @emre


I have a lot to say but I’m driving. I’ll respond tonight.


1 - I use Clearent (https://www.clearent.com/)
2- Is it going to be integrated so we can use a mag/chip reader reader on the terminal?
3 - Clearent :slight_smile:
4- Basic functionality works fine. Payment and adjusting tips. If it could be attached to users that would be superb!

I used to have a restaurant that ran MatreD POS and DataCap NetEPay (https://www.datacapsystems.com/pc-based-point-of-sale). It had a pretty good work flow. Customer comes to register to pay → Swipe card —> Enter Amount —> Prints Credit Card Slip ( Slip has a space for customer write in Tip and sign) —> Take slip enter the tip amount into the prompt → Confirm amount → Ticket was closed and the tip amount was added to the servers account.


I’ll admit last 6 months I’ve used Cake at my restaurant and Sambapos at my food truck. The only reason I switched to cake was integrated card processing it just made our lives easier and transactions faster. I will be switching back to Sambapos as soon as I can get integrated processing.

That said I can tell you about my experience with cakes processing. It was a flat 2.4% fee for all card types including apple pay etc. They have a small square card reader that sits next to the POS. Everything is very fast and happens from the POS nothing is done on the card machine except swipe cards.

…more to say I’m driving.


I’ll wait. Please don’t rush…

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2.4% I guess is the only charges? No standing fees or terminal rentals.
PayPal would probably be a popular one, not for larger turnover bigger places but small places who don’t take much card or would like to start taking card but are new startup and might be harder to get a merchant account with another provider.

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Yes I want to be familiar with devices too.

Ok so yes 2.4 is the only fees. I will give screenshots of features I like about how cake handles it. They do swipe only although their hardware is capable of chips they tell you swipe is always faster in food industry so until US tells them they have to do chip they are disabling it.

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The other system we used was PayPal here… I really do not like them anymore. They keep a hold on funds each week.

Finally I had a terminal from a company my bank used and it was typical with varying fees for card types with really low rates but when all added up I was paying close to 6%

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I am a huge fan of flat rates and right now in the US 2.4 is very competitive.

I’m not picky about hardware but I would want the integration to work from payments screen and not another separate popup or screen.

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If you can negotiate with a processor to offer flat rate and quick deposit to bank account that would be competitive in the USA. Heck square can do instant deposit for 1% extra fee. But it’s usually next day. Cake is about 2days with wed deposit for Friday and Saturday.

It really depends on turnover, the hotel pays between low 1. And up to about 2.2 I think for premium business or something.
Standing fees are like £20something a months plus arround £15 pm rental on terminal.the lower % are more cost effective on huge turnover of hotel. Sure I worked out a rough monthly amount when higher fixed % with no standing charges became more than lower % with fees but obviously depends on deal.
In UK they are all much more competitive now days all undersutting each other.

I agree with kendash I would prefer to see at least a pop-up which matches samba style but preferably maybe loads within a section - perhaps item list on left.

We should improve how it looks but popup is probably essential as we shouldn’t allow payment screen functions other than cc payment related functions (tip,refund,etc) during cc processing.