[Ann] US Credit Card Integrations


Surly they can be disabled during processing. Understand the possible reasoning both your end and possible requirements by providers, just saying what think would look best and give best impression. But pop-up should definitely be more in keeping with rest of the UI,


Emre I’ll show you how cake handles it. Might get some ideas. I’ll be back there in hour. I’ll take a video of it.


Any idea when we could possibly look at Australia Credit Card Integrations?
I was half way with an integration when the developer I hired back off and now its half done and I cant get someone who is willing to complete the job :frowning:


Australia will probably be the next. I think we’ll be able to start sometime before November. We can have better idea as we release our first integration.


That’s great! I’ll be glad to assist in anyway I can.



Got a video but need to upload to YouTube first.



So this video kinda sums up what I would love to see. Obviously there are popups that halt the process of doing anything else. Those are fine. What I meant by no popups was I didnt want to see a separate payment popup for entering the card info.

You get a glimpse of me entering an order on Cake. This is something I really actually do not like about it and cant wait to convert our restaurant back to SambaPOS. That was a combo and the only way I had to do it was throw a ton of modifiers including one that says Combo or Not Combo and since I have no power over the printout it prints it as a order with a ton of modifiers and my kitchen has to look for Combo or Not Combo Tag.

What I do like was the Transaction screen where I can search for tickets and enter refunds.


Here is what it looks like during the Close Cash sequence. Close cash is where you count the drawers and it batches out the cards.


I wanted to show you that because I think its pretty cool how they did it. I wouldnt expect you to copy that but I thought it was worth noting. It may seem silly to some of you but the ONLY reason i tried Cake for the last 6 months was the speed of integrated card processing. We do a LOT of orders really fast at the counter, over the phone, and at our window. Having integrated solution that was also very fast made a big difference for us.

I have actually been spending a lot of time on SambaPOS getting it ready for when I switch back to it and part of what I have been doing is taking what I liked from Cake and remaking it in SambaPOS to my own specs and improving it… This is something else SambaPOS can do that is an advantage. I personally do not see anything wrong with taking ideas from other systems and making them better.

OK back to cards… As far as hardware goes I would love to see something similar thats not just a standard card swiper with lcd screen and buttons. It would be nice to offer something to clients in my area that looks sleek and can match the color of the hardware used.


Worldpay former Vantiv\Mercury …definetly is the biggest and common in US! from chain to small restaurants retail… they fully integrate with major POS company. For Hardware…Verifone Vx805 XPI


Worldpay is who Cake used to use but now they have their own called cake payments. When it was world pay the swiper was built into the terminal on right of screen.

Worldpay would be a good option in US


The problem here is for a company like SambaPOS to do a card integration, they need to use third party card terminals as that also covers for PCI DSS compliance. Cake will have had to go through a lot of testing of their software which will have to be PA-DSS compliant in order to use custom hardware. When you integrate with companies like Paymentsense in the UK, they have their own software which runs on the POS which SambaPOS integrate with, not directly to the card terminal, this means the Paymentsense software needs to be PA-DSS compliant but SambaPOS doesn’t.

Also, regardless of what Cake says about using a card swipe instead of chip, this is against industry standard, the US is behind the rest of the world in this point, in the UK we haven’t used swipe on cards for over 10 years. Everywhere uses chip & PIN where you need to verify with the PIN. The US is now adapting into EMV (chip & PIN) standards, I am quite surprised to hear how a company like Cake is actually not implementing the new standards into their systems - this is likely part of the problem there. Also, I saw no mention of contactless and does not look like your custom card reader supports it - doesn’t Cake support this? If they want to talk about card swiping being faster for hospitality, contactless is faster still.

In the UK, if a card is swiped (most card terminals will not allow this), and not verified by PIN, in most cases their is a liability shift for any fraud onto the retailer’s responsbility, because it is more open to fraud. It is very easy for a fraudster to copy a card swipe with cheap technology but it is impossible to copy a chip on a card. Also, like with Paymentsense, if you swipe a card instead of use chip & PIN, or if you key in the card number, the retailer gets charged a higher % due to the increased fraud risk.


Yes it works great but in our country people still frustrates when it completes without entering PIN. So cashiers always ask if they are permitted for contactless :slight_smile:


In the UK, they only allow contactless payment up to £30 (more with Apple Pay with some retailers but that’s another matter). If there is any fraud with contactless, the bank takes full responsibility so the retailer does not lose out. I think this is what has allowed it to be so successful in the UK. Possibly in Turkey it isn’t the same?

I know other countries have totally different rules, like I was surprised in Hong Kong contactless works for up to $1,000 HKD (£100 / $130) and possibly more. I think there the bank doesn’t take responsibility for fraud as in many places, even if you use contactless some retailers still ask for signature if over a small amount (which I thought was quite weird and against the whole idea of contactless).


There is a limit but I don’t don’t know if banks takes full responsibility for fraud. However some big retails always asks for contactless. Maybe banks takes responsibility for them or they have lover rates for contactless.

:slight_smile: Yes it is weird. Does taking signature makes bank responsible?


No idea. Unless something changed recently, when I was living In Hong Kong a few years ago the whole card payment industry is controlled by banks and the rates for accepting cards are high, I think like 4% to 5%. There is no companies like Paymentsense for integrations - if you want to do an integration, you have to go through the bank and from what I heard is a time consuming and potentially costly process.

With my own experience dealing with banks in Hong Kong, I would say they take as little responsibility as possible for anything, and charge as much as possible. So probably it’s going back to the retailer believing taking a signature is giving them more proof of who used the card.


They have support for chip you can even see the slot in the readers on the top. They are ready to go but are waiting until US enforces it. Yes it supports ccontactless. I’m not trying to promote cake. In fact I can’t wait to get away from it. I wish I hadn’t switched but I did and for card payments it was much faster for us vs how we were doing it with sambapos. I will switch back to Sambapos as soon as we get a integrated system that works for me.

I signed an agreement on hardware so I had to stay with them for 6 months or pay off hardware and then switch. The hardware is Linux based and it would not work with sambapos or I probably would just pay it off now.


I’m just sating if possible a sleek custom reader would be good. Not required