[Ann] US Credit Card Integrations


US user here.

  1. Fattmerchant (They charge us 6 cents per transaction and $99 per month. The interchange fees are passed on to us directly, meaning Fattmerchant does not add their own fee.)
  2. Verifone seems to be the most reliable manufacturer, but doesn’t credit card integration mean that we won’t be needing these machines?
  3. Fattmerchant
  • Upcharging a charge from earlier in the day
  • Refund and Void
  • Saving a credit card to a Customer Entity, so that a customer can order from a restaurant without having to give credit card details over and over again.
  • Basic reports
  • But most of all, FAST transaction speeds. I can’t stand it when it takes 3-4 seconds to process a credit card :stuck_out_tongue: (PAX terminals are so slow; Verifone terminals, in my experience, are the fastest.)


This may be possible but at the moment I dont think Entity Data information in Database is encrypted, which means if there is a leak or a hack, that information is exposed which will get SambaPOS in trouble.

So unless there is a way to encrypt that information so its secure and cannot easily be accessed without unique keys, I don’t think this can be done just yet.

This would all depend on the payment gateway server, and the speed they process it. So this would rely on how fast their payment gateways can process a transaction and also how fast your internet connection can send the request to their payment gateway and how quick the gateway can provide a response from the bank.

I think with any payment integration, to keep it PCI compliant you’d want to integrate the application they provide so that it over lays the POS screen, as the information been sent via the hardware to the gateway will most likely be encrypted and be compliant.

In Australia all payment terminals have to be PCI compliant before been given to a user and if its integrated then the POS software has to go through a check list from the payment gateway provider to ensure its PCI compliant before giving the approval for the integration.

I’m dealing with this as we speak with Tyro payments Integration


Fattmerchant seems kind of expensive. I may be running the numbers wrong but on their website it says $99 per month +8cents +interchange fees per transaction. I’m closed Sundays so that’s around $4 per day + $0.08 + interchange fees which I think average 1.8%. I’m tired I’ll crunch that in am.


Here in Zimbabwe we use EFT corp. http://www.eftcorp.co.zw and Zim Switch https://www.zimswitch.co.zw and Ecocash https://www.ecocash.co.zw

It would be great to have this work in Zimbabwe because 98% of transactions are done using the above payment methods so an integration will be a huge step forward.


Here in New York, most CC processors charge approx 3.5% - 4% for our business type. Fattmerchant ends up being slightly under 3%.

I know it says 8 cents per transaction on their site, but doing business with any company, you need to negotiate a better price.


I see well for me it’s easy to get flat rate 2.4% and under.


Which processor do you use?


That is really exciting news!

From the hardware I’ve seen its mostly Ingenico and Verifone. Different merchants use both with different rates and integrated software solutions.

Having a integrated transaction processing with CCs will be a massive step up.

I am not entirely sure whether you have to integrate it with your merchants API or with hardware manufacturers or both.


Right now I’m using Cake and their own processor Cake Payments from sysco but I’ll be switching back to Sambapos once we get processing.

On my food truck I’m using square with sambapos.


If Sambapos can get a flat rate of 2.4 to 2.6 I’d be happy. @Emre I wanna help you test it! Lol


I know I keep asking but are there any updates on this?


Yes we started developing integrations but I can’t announce it yet because of NDA. Payment processor does not allow it before testing and approving our software.