Ask to Confirm Cash or Card Payment


I have been up and running for a month now.

Systems have been going ok. I am having trouble with some of the staff operating it though.

To eliminate one of the issues, I set up for a question to be asked for the Last for digits of the Card number and to confirm payment.

What I’d like to remove this and to change the question type.

When a member of staff presses payment the selects either “Cash” Or “Card” Id like to set up a question saying “Confirm CASH payment” or “Confirm CARD payment” With a YES and NO button on it. (Then to return when the NO button is hit, and continue with Payment Processed on YES)

I’m guessing there’s a way to do it similar to asking for the Card Digits, but I’ needing some help to make sure I can do it and set it up right.

Many Thanks in advance

A Payment Processor will work. You can set them up for Confirmation for any/all Payment Types.