Auto Close Popup tag

Hi I followed instruction on popup tags from Thanks for it, it is working, but I have dilemma on this tutorial.
Would it be possible when the pop up is selected to AUTORETURN to the main menu without staying on the order tag options having to click on the item again to return to the main menu?
This would be very usefully and time saving in very busy environment like the one I am working with.
I mean what is use of this pop ups if you have to select item again to return to the main menu?

Have you ticket the autoselect ticket on the product properties in the menu settings?
This type of ask question fortion selection is usually a replacement for the autoselect option meaning you probably want it unticket.

Alternativly there is a select orders action i beleive which you can probably use to unselect as an alternative if unticking autoselect is what you want.



Thanks it did the trick. I had it checked , now when I uncheck it, returns to the main menu.

its not returning it just not selecting the order automatically, small point but just so you understand exactly whats happening.


Thanks :slight_smile: small point but means a lot!