Auto keyboard pop-up on text-field focus

Hey, I have a question regarding on screen keyboard.

Is it possible to have the keyboard auto pop up when I tap/focus on a text field.

For example, in the attached image, when I focus on the text field ‘Name:’ I wold like the keyboard to pop up automatically instead of tapping the keyboard button on the bottom left.

I don’t think there is a control for this in Samba. If it’s not there it wouldn’t be a bad enhancement. My two thoughts.

1- You could use an automation with a keyboard and number pad input instead of the free tag option.

2- I think you can use Windows in tablet mode and it should prompt, however I think this will always push the built in keyboard.

Personally, we use keyboard with touchpads at all of our terminals. This is what we use

If its for freetag you could do what I have on hotel systems and have a seperate freetag group just for freetag and rather than use the default field have a freetag command button with a ?prompt popup that sets the freetag.


Here’s an example of how to setup order tags for add/remove using an automation command.