Auto logout after every tranasaction & Change Due message box


Ive created the auto logout button anf that works great, when you click it you log out, however I want the POS to log out after every transaction so that the cashier is forced to log in everytime so the POS screen cannot be left on allowing anyone to access it.

I have the fast payment buttons set up under the order screen but i want to be able to press the fast cash button eg £5, ticket is paid, ticket is automatically closed (which it does) then the change due message box to appear so that when I press OK to confirm change has been given out the POS then automatically logs out.

I also want the POS to log out of payment is made through the payment screen as well

Can anyone help with some step by step instructions? I need:

  1. the Change message box to appear when using the fast cash buttons (i have a rule created for each one 5, 10, 20 and 50) the equations given in a previous post does not work for me, and i have different actions as ive created 5, 10, 20 and 50 separately

  2. What to I need to add to make the POS logout after payment is made and change is given?


You would use the Logout User action with the Payment Processed rule. Put constraint of Remaining Amount equals 0



For the fast payment buttons… you would add the Logout User action to your popup rule so that when you press OK to confirm change it executes the action. I don’t know how your buttons are setup to show you this with pictures.


i think ive got the logout user rule set up correctly however when i test it instead of logging out after the transaction is completed it just removes the “main menu” button from the bottom left, my username and removes “keyboard” and “department” buttons from bottom left of the screen.

If I hadnt already set up a manual log out button you cant actually do anything after this point with doing ctrl alt delete to open task manager to close the program

any ideas?

Also I still havent managed to get the change message box to work correctly on fast cash buttons, the rest of fast cash works fine, correct payment and change worked out (have to log back into ticket after to check this) but the message box that appears doesnt give the change it just shows the last few characters of the equation thats meant to calculate the change, any ideas? i just dont think my equation is correct and i dont know what it should be

My autolog out after fast cash transactions does kind of work, when it removes the buttons from the bottom of the screen as mentioned previously it does log you out but just doesnt take you back to the main log in screen. I tried pressing a button that i have set admin override for and it came up with the keypad for admin to enter their code so it had logged me as an admin out.

Is there a way to finish this log out process so it takes you back to the main log in screen?

There is something wrong with your formula. Post it here so we can see the problem.

Ive tried all sorts of things, at the moment it now looks like this:

Change Due £ [=5.00-[:Balance]]

this is my rule for the fast cash £5, i know this might be a longwided way to do what I want but ive had a play and everything on this rule works, fast cash, receipt prints, ticket closes ready for next sale, message box opens but just doesnt contain the change value. If we can sort this i can copy the equation to my other fast cash button

thanks for your help

I’m curious to know which guide you followed for Fast Payment. In any case, I don’t think [:Balance] is a valid setting, though I could be wrong. Further, it can sometimes depend on the type of Event you’re capturing. In your case, you are capturing Automation Command (click), but as an example, if you look at the Event for Payment Processed, you will find other values that you can access…

Other than that, you can often use Printer Template Tags in many areas. Just a few of them are below, but you can look in your Printer Template for many more…


I adapted one I read on here, I’ll try what you’ve suggested and see if I can get it working


Change message box Fixed!! thanks for your help i simply used a printer template token and it works!! i just used

Change Due £[={CHANGE TOTAL}] in the message box in my fast cash rules actions and it finally works!!

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Hi @kendash ive attached a screen shot of one of my fast payment buttons and I have created the constraint on the logout action i just dont know how to link it to the change message box so that the pos logs out back to the main log in screen when OK is pressed, can you help?


Add a Logout User Action to your Rule after the Display Message Action.

I have done this but it doesnt work (well it kind of does) when i add the logout user action all that happens all the buttons at the bottom of the screen ie, main menu, keyboard, department disappear and all the button on the screen lock so they cant be used apart from the log out button. the only way to do a sale now is to hit the logout button and log back in, but this is the same action i use for the logout button and that works fine taking me back to the main menu to log in

I dont know why when i add logout user action after my message action it only half logs the pos out and doesnt actually take you back to the log in screen???

instead of calling the action directly to display popup… make an action to call an automation command … then when that command is executed it will execute the message… try to insert the logout action there.

So instead of having the Disxplay Message Action in your fast cash rule you would have the Execute automation command in that rule. THis would separate the two processes.

I dont know if it will work but worth a try.

any chance you could show my some screen shot to create? i cant get the message popup action in the automated command i dont think im doing it right :frowning:

This seems to work… put the Logout User action in a Ticket Closed Rule.

Here is the Update Application Subtitle with LAST SALE Tutorial:

Hello. Show message action does not blocks action execution so user log out action works before user closes message box. This probably prevents screens from switching. Either logout before displaying message box or use Ask Question action with a single OK button instead of message box. If it does not work assigning logout action to an automation command will work.

You can read more about Ask Question Action here.

hi @QMcKay your method works perfectly if i use the payment screen to settle the ticket i am logged out after the transaction is closed. I cant get this to work with my fast payment buttons, if i leave my fast payment buttons setup as they are the close ticket&logout functions does work, however when clicking on on the message box, it logs you out (which is what i want) but then another message box appears on the log in screen and when i click ok on that it logs you back in, but to the screen i had before where the main menu and department buttons are missing and nothing works unless you click the logout button and then log back in. here are my screen shots

ticket processed using fast cash £5

Pressing ok logs me out but displays another message box

pressing ok again logs me back in to this screen (bottom right main menu button has gone as have all the buttons on the bottom left) I now have to manually click my log out button and log back in

ive tried various combinations of taking the message box off from logout&message rule and fast cash rule, and changed the order of log out and message actions but this stops it from working

fast cash £5 rule

message&logout rule

any more ideas?

i really appreciate your help


Its because your telling it to display the message twice. Try taking Display message out of the Ticket Closed rule

It is causing a misbehavior with switching screens.