Auto logout after every tranasaction & Change Due message box

I guess I need to set up some Fast Payment buttons to see where the problem lies… can you tell me which guide you read for your implementation? Was it this one?

While I get to configuring that, you could try what @emre suggested: use an Ask Question action to display the Change, instead of a Show Message action. Like this:

Action Name: AC Show Change Message and Logout Confirmation
Action Type: Ask Question
Question: [:message]
Buttons: Ok=y

Rule Name: RU Ticket Closed Show Change Message
Event: Ticket Closed

Action Constraint: [=TN('{CHANGE TOTAL}')]>0
message: Change: {CHANGE TOTAL}

@QMcKay Look at his rules he is pulling the Display Message twice. He needs to take it out of the Ticket Closed rule and it should work perfect.

LOL! You’re correct @Jesse, didn’t notice that… I tend to glaze over things after a while.

I actually like the Ask Question action better though… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Looks nice!

Hi i thought that and tried it but it still doesnt work, ill try the ask question action

@QMcKay heres my fast cash £5 setup screens




hope that helps

I just replicated your issue… and it works perfect for me by putting logout user on ticket closed… It calculated my change correctly… put it in the message then logged out… works perfect.

i dont no why its not working for me, and ive just done the ask question way you suggested (nice coloured box i do actually prefer that) but logout works on payment screen but the ask message box doesnt appear?

Logout user should be ONLY in Ticket Closed rule. Display Message is in your Fast Cash rule.

@RickH, see what @Jesse is telling you. Put the Display Message Action on Close Ticket rule only, and remove it from your Fast Payment Rule:

Actually it should be the opposite @QMcKay Keep the message in the Fast Cash rule… but the ONLY thing that should be in ticket closed rule is Logout User

The only issue I see with this method… if you park a ticket… it will logout user as well. I am really not a fan of making it Logout user after every transaction.

Something I was going to try and build is a Auto Timeout function using a trigger set to run every 5 minutes… and an action/rule set that checks if ticket is open or not if not it logs out user. Do not know if its possible but its in my plans to try.

Ok, I replicated the issue. To resolve it, I removed the Close Ticket action from the Fast Payment Rule, and put it in a Payment Processed Rule (which incidentally is where I’ve always had it).

Notice there is no Close Ticket action in the Automation Command rule above, instead it is in the Payment Processed rule below.

The Show Message (or Ask Question) action to display Change Due is in a Ticket Closed rule, as seen below:

Using Fast Payment L50 with NO Change Due results in the Ticket being closed and the User Logout:

Using Fast Payment L50 with Change Due results in the Ticket being closed, Change Message displayed, and once you click OK the User Logout action executes:

ticket closed rule

fast cash rule

doesnt work for me, message box appears but when clicking OK the pos screen stays on and the main menu and other bottom buttons vanish and my manual log out button also doesnt work

this is so frustrating i just dont understand why it works for you and not me

You do not have close ticket in your fast cash rule… add that and it will work The ticket is never closing so logout at ticket closed cant fire.

i did have before, just added and tried again but the same things happens whether its there or not

Its working fine for me … It displayed the message… I clicked Ok it logged user out. I logged back in to make sure ticket was closed and it was

That setup is working for me…

Your add custom constraint says “equals” then “exact cash” what is your exact cash as mine in fast cash £5 i want to check they are the same, weve just called them different things

That is the name of the Automated Command I made…its same as yours you just named yours different.

Look up to my implementation, where I mention that I reproduced the issue, and resolved it.

That works for me too. Both work. Not sure why he cannot get the Logout on Ticket Closed to work. You sure you dont have another Rule firing Logout user within a ticket as well?

could i send you a copy of my database to have a look at, there might be something else i just cant see it?