Auto logout timer

No it won’t. I just was curious.

Ok. So I think changing the automation command to currentterminal fixed the auto logout issue.

I concur with Jesse’s idea that you “should” be interested in the CC automation even it is off-topic. I remember you said the staff said the auto log out(when implemented improperly) slows them down, the CC automation that Jesse that talks about, improves speed a lot for the staff.

My old installation had a dire need for speed at the cashier/order terminals :stuck_out_tongue:

They currently have like a 3.9% rate… not really sure to tell you the truth but im not sure they will want to switch that. If someone can get me some numbers to take to them.

Wow that’s very high. You can get MUCH better than. 3.9 at 3.9 your paying higher than just about everyone.

I’d be very happy to match that 3.9 :wink: but I’m afraid we can do much better.

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After thinking about this and the whole flow of application screen change vs entity screen change… i wonder if it would be better to have just a timer or trigger reset eveyrtime after any kind of screen is changed… if it is application or entity. Basically if your running through the application and changing screens and working it will not time out. Right now if someone logs in and they only have access to the pos or entity screens even if you and switching back and forth between them or entering in entity info theres potential that it will time out and log the user out. I just want to avoid a terminal or register being logged in if the user walks away without remembering to logout.