Auto logout works perfectly, except if using settle screen where amount tendered equals ticket total OR ticket total + 0.01, any ideas?

I dont know if it is an issue with the inbuilt auto log out feature in terminal settings but it works perfectly for fast cash AND in the settle screen, but with one issue in the settle screen.

If the tendered amount is the same as the total amount (either typed or by clicking the ALL button) when you click cash or card the change message box appears and then when clicking OK it doesnt logout it does the problem with window switching where it has logged out but doesnt go back to log in screen.

it also does this if the tender amount is 0.01 more than the balance to be paid, in this case the change box still appears BUT it says change is 0.00 when it should be 0.01 as ive tendered over by 0.01, the same screen switching issue applies here.

If i tender anything from 0.02 over the total balance to be paid there is no issue, everything works perfectly! so there is an issue on the settle screen when taking payments of either the exact amount (affects cash and card) or taking payment of 0.01 more than then amount e.g tender 45.00 for a balance due of 44.99

Ive included screen shots of both the exact and 0.01 above balance tender issues to see if you know why this happens, other than this problem auto logout works brilliantly!!

Issue 1 - Exact Tender in Payment Screen
Select ALL or type exact tender

When pressing cash or card this screen appears

When pressing OK this screen appears, instead of main log in and only happens when tender amount is same as balance to be paid or when tender amount is +0.01 of balance amount e.g 45.00 tendered for 49.99 balance

Issue 2 - incorrect change stated when tender is +0.01 and screen switch issue

Tender amount +0.01

Still says change due of 0.00 when it should be 0.01 because it still says ive tendered the exact amount 44.99 even though from the previous screenshot you can see i keyed in 45.00

Press ok and the same screen switching no logout action happens.

anything tendered 0.02 above the balance to be paid works perfectly it just seems strange that it is just the payment screen cash and card buttons that have this issue and only for exact ticket total amounts tendered or +0.01 tendered which is why im thinking theres something going on thats not something i can just sort or theres a setting somewhere thats affecting exact tender or tender +0.01??

Im stumped as to why is does this, any help would be greatly appreciated

Many thanks

Did you try the newest 4.1.48? I think I read something in there about the .01 issue.

ill update now and test, cheers :smile:

its finally working apart from this!

Hi half the issue is solved in update 4.1.48, i can now settle and auto log out if tender is 0.01 or more

However this issue is still there for exact tender, whether type or keyed in, maybe whatever has been fixed for the 0.01 issue needs doing for exact tender?

You cannot tender a 0 amount there is no money to tender. You simply would pop drawer and give money back to customer. Your thinking of it and how its working wrong. Because technically its not actually a refund mechanism. You are using the sale to sort of refund an item but its not a true refund sort of speak your basically resetting the payment and paying less… the system is not going to show you how much to give back when you tender a transaction… its not build that way.

this post is for settling a sale transaction so if the transaction is for 110.00 i can hit my fast cash button for exact payment and everything works fine

however if i press settle and go to payment screen and type in 110.00 and press the “all” button its doesnt work properly and logout. I did this as well if i tendered 110.01 but worked if i tenderd 110.02 or more. with the new 4.1.48 update tendering 110.01 in payment screen now works so this update solved that, i just cant tender exact amount to work

@emre do you have a fix for this? in the latest update whatever you did for the 0.01 issue has resolved the error i had with auto log out and screens not switching as in the previous version .47, a tender of 0.01 above the ticket total has this error, in version .48 this error has gone and everything works perfect

so now the only issue is if using the payment screen and tendering the exact value or pressing “all” the log out/screen switching error is still there

Version .47 - payment screen had to be settled with a value of 0.02 above the ticket total
Version .48 - payment screen has to be settled with a value of 0.01 above the ticket total

can it be fixed to settle exact amount with whatever you did for 0.01?

BTW RickH this issue will not happen following the Refund method I shared with you in the other post.

I can understand why it wont settle an exact amount… there is nothing to settle.

do you know why my payment screen doesnt work for exact tender or using “all” button, auto logout screen switch problem happens, but doesnt if i tender 0.01 or over from ticket total. fast cash exact cash button works perfectly though

i had this issue in version.47 but it didnt work with exact tender or 0.01 over tender, i had to tender at least 0.02 above, since the update 0.01 now works so its just exact amount on settle screen that doesnt :s

Exact amount may never work. I dont know exactly how it is programmed Emre would have to answer that. But to me it makes sense… you cannot settle a Zero balance because there is nothing to settle.What you would need instead for your logout to work is a rule that closed the ticket when you hit refund item if its a zero balance refund. And logout on close ticket with constraint looking for a specific tag that is unique for your refunded transactions

the way i have it at the minute it isnt a zero balance its a negative number for refund

so if i could tender zero it processed as im giving the amount out so it then becomes a zero balance ticket, settles and closes. this is what it does if i just key in 0.01 as tender everything works and all balances correctly, i just want to be able to key 0.00 instead of 0.01

Thats the thing you cannot key 0 because there is nothing to settle. You can settle the penny because it has a value.

isnt my settle amount here -44.99? (if i was doing it as a sal the settle amount would be +44.99)

so when i key in 0.01 that appears in the charged line it thinks ive taken another 0.01 from the customer so my change message box correctly says to give back 45.00 and my accounts show refund of -44.99

if i could type in 0.00 my change would just say -44.99 and accounts will still say -44.99 and i would need to “trick” the system into completing

Its because you never actually sold anything… you modified an item that was never sold to a negative number. Emre would have to explain further… im just throwing out how the logic looks to me. I could be wrong

I can think of a few ways to probably get your method to work… one involving a price list with negative prices for items… (If thats even possible) but all of those systems would be way more complicated than it needs to be.

it just makes sense to me this way, i will have previously sold it but instead of reopening a closed ticket i can just do this and it has the same effect, updates account correctly and seems quicker?

Thats the key… you opened new ticket… so no you didn’t sell it. All you actually did was modify an order that was never tendered. there are a lot more factors to this that we do not see. Stored values, Cache… etc… so when you open new ticket… you lose that link.

When your designing something with a framework like this you cannot use traditional logic… you have to try your best to see what the computer sees. The computer does not see whats obvious to you… You have to tell it every step on its way there. So things like accounting, settling tickets etc… all seems like it has a logical flow… yet to the computer it was only doing EXACTLY what it was told to do for EVERY step.

To me it appears what you are trying to do with the approach your taking will never work. You need to make a different approach.

So when emre talked in a post about setting up a refund ticket type is that to overcome this and mean you wouldnt need to reopen a closed ticket?

Sorry maybe im not very good at making the point I am trying to make…

Let me try a different idea for you. Your way your trying to get it to work will not work without Emre redesigning something. IT does not mean he should do it however… Because there are many other approaches you could take get the same result you want. It would be better for Samba and for Emre if we attempted these before we had a design change request that would take resources off other features.

It doesn’t look to me like your approach is the smartest choice… You are using New tickets, New transactions, to attempt to affect a previous ticket.

Ok, thanks for looking at what i was doing and explaining it, i do understand what youre saying

Your helps always appreciated :slight_smile: