Auto Refresh Widgets/Button Colors


Thanks to Mr. John who helped me out to have a kitchen display screen. I really appreciate the screen worked perfectly fine BUT there is a small problem that I am facing. The Screen Does Not Refresh, even though I set up the time interval to 1000 or more I am assuming that the refresh interval in Mili Seconds. But nothing happens.

Also if I am closing any order from one window the table color always remain the same at the other terminals. In doing so I have to go out of the window and come back again and then only the table color changes.

I hope you would have understood the point I have raised here. A small piece of advice would really be helpful.

Thanks and Regards,

Waqas Ahmad

You need to have the Message Server running to provide real time updates.

On your computer that you use as a Server, run Samba.MessagingServerServiceTool.exe that is in either
C:\Program Files (x86)\SambaPOS4\ or C:\Program Files\SambaPOS4\

Set the Port number to 8383 (so it doesn’t conflict with other services), and click Install Service, then click Start.
NOTE: You only need the Message Server running on 1 computer ONLY.

Go to SambaPOS, Settings->Local Settings
Set the Message Server Name to the Computer Name that you installed the Message Server on, set the Message Server Port to 8383, tick Auto Start Message Client.
Click Save, exit and restart SambaPOS.

If you have set it up correctly, you should have a green Connected on the bottom of the SambaPOS screen.