Automated start/end work period + auto print report

so for those that also often forget to end work period like me or just want it automated i have made a setup that will hopefully will help you guys :wink:

so first off we gonna make 2 actions for the start and end work periods

then depending on how many reports you want to print you create these action (i only want 2: work and items report to print)

so that are the actions

step 2 is creating triggers for automated start/end work period

basicly you select the time when you start/end the shifts and like you can see i selected 20,21 in hour for my start period cause my business opens at different times daily so by doing that and selecting in minutes: “every minute (*)” it will start work period once the computer is started in one of the 2hours same for end work period once all tables are paid it will end work period during the selected time frame(it will not close work period if a table still isnt paid)

now the final step creating the rules

here you will create 2 rules for the start/end work period

now for the auto print report you create this rule

and for those who use multiple terminal just select a main terminal in both “auto end work period rule” and “auto print report rule” that way only one screen will end work period and the print will know where to look (if not done it will print for every terminal you have open)


Next version has virtual work periods. No need to start or stop work periods it will auto do it based on your configured times. You physically stop work period when you need to adjust inventory. It will auto fill in all related work periods records etc it will auto restart on next day configured time. So you won’t ever need to start wp and maybe stop it only once a week for inventory.

This feature is being tested in beta now.


nice really cant wait to try all the new features in next version

Im trying to print a report at a certain time but cant make it work…
cant understand why: =/

Triggers don’t happen while in ticket or presumably admin…

Hello Joe
so in wich cases is recomended to use it when nobody touches the pc?

You can also use Metrik app and get sales real time.

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We, need a spanish version of Metrik, I’m happy to help with the translation