Automatic Cash Draw Open When Cash is Received?

Hello Everyone,

I’m fairly new to SambaPos configuration. I’ve followed the guide to setup an open drawer command and it works great with my open drawer button. However I do not print receipts automatically, only on demand. So therefore the cash drawer will not open automatically, if I do not use the open drawer button, when I receive cash payments, any ideas on how i can get pass this issue?.

You just create a print job that only contains your open drawer command, nothing will print it will just send the open drawer command to printer

Create an action for execute print job and select the open drawer print job you created

Create an rule for payment processed, you’ll need to add a constraint of payment type equals cash so it only opens when you take a cash payment

First search result when searching for open cash drawer on cash payment gives this topic where I’ve given step by step instructions with screenshots

Appreciate the quick response. Thank you. Sorry for posting something that was already there, i’ve been looking all night and didn’t come across that article. Apologies once more.


A good resource is