Cash drawer open only on cash payment

i would like for the cash drawer to open only on a cash transaction.
i do not want the cash drawer to open on a credit card transaction.
open on split cash and credit transaction. example: customer total is $10 . $5 is given in cash first. opens drawer.

how is your cash drawer configured to open? have have mine set with the open drawer command at the top of the receipt template so it opens the drawer as the receipt prints.

if this is how you have it remove the command from your ticket template so your drawer will now not open at all.

  1. create an open drawer ticket template, delete everything and just have your printers open drawer command as per my screenshot below

  2. create an open drawer print job using the template you created above, as shown below

  3. create an execute print job action called open drawer as below

  4. create a payment processed rule with constraint as below

now whenever you tender a cash payment the drawer will open, if you tender card it will not. If you tender split cash then card it will open for cash but not for card. if you tender split cash it will open each time you tender cash. to stop it opening each time you tender cash add another constraint remaining amount equals 0 as below

this now will only open the drawer when cash is tendered AND the full ticket has been paid so if ticket is £100 and you get 10 payments of £10 the drawer will not open 10 times, it will open once at the end when all 10 payments have been entered and the remaining balance to pay is zero

If you use states to print receipts like i showed in your other post you made need to make some amendments to this to stop and start drawer opening, best way is to have a play and learn whats happening so you can adapt it :slight_smile: