Automatically (end and start) Work Period


Is it possible to make Work period automatically end at a specific time and a new Work period start at a specific time.

This is because we use it a place with about 15 different waitors and sometime somebody forget to end work period and then reports is not ok for accounting.

Since this place also is a Hotel we can have some rooms with still open bills so we made some buttons like this Work period - 2 or 3 shifts in a cafe/restaurant
This is helping us to close work period but when we print report for work period the things that we put on “hold” will show up as PREORDER and will not figure down in Item sales.

So we would like if possible make a automation command that will take “open” tables and put them on “hold” until next work period. and then close work period and open a new one.

Is this possible.

Best regards

Jesper Jørgensen

Can someone please help with this .

Hello Jesper.

SambaPOS specifically designed for Restaurant’s use. We’re planning to improve features for small hotels but currently we don’t have automatic work period ending (or automatic shifting) feature.

Preorder tickets implemented to solve creating draft ticket needs such as reservations or food orders. Since your tickets are real tickets you shouldn’t mark them as pre-order.

Every night you should close open tickets by transferring them to room accounts (night audit). Room’s account balance will display amount due to be paid. This is how we’re planning to make it work for hotels but probably some needed functions are still missing.

Hello Emre

We will figure out a way to handle the Work Periods :o)

is there some hint or a guide for Night audit


I’m not sure if it will solve your need but creating accounts for room entities and closing tickets with room accounts as if we do with customer accounts might work.

can i using scripts on server machine starts or ends work period thru sql server managment, if yes - how?