Automation command not working properly if it is executed by Menu Edit Product Property

Hi @emre,
I have issue with automation command. I have automation command to update Portion Name by Ask Question action.
The automation command works properly if it map it to order line and click it.
But if I execute it from Menu->Edit Product Property and put automation command name in there, Order screen will not update until new order added or other command executed.

Sorry for duplication, I thought it was portion not update things. I don’t think it was that problem now.

Thank you,

Can you give example of your usage? and show your rules etc? I just mapped an ask question automation command and the question popped up just fine. So it is firing the automation commands from the menu item. Something else is causing it not to update based on your answer to the question.

If you can share your rule I might be able to help you figure it out.

Hi @Jesse
I use this to force user to select portion.
I create:
Automation command: Select Portion (Ask)
Automation command: Select Portion (Apply)

Action: Select Portion (Ask) Type: Ask Question and have Button=1pc,2pcs,3pcs… and Automation command name = Select Portion (Apply)
Action: Select Portion (Apply) Type: Update Order and Portion Name = [:Portion Name]

Rule: Select Protion (Ask) Event: Automation Command Executed and Matches Automation command Select Portion (Ask) and Actions: Select Portion (Ask)
Rule: Select Protion (Apply) Event: Automation Command Executed and Matches Automation command Select Portion (Apply) and Actions: Select Portion (Apply)

It works fine if you do not use ask question. So let me look into why ask question will not apply it

It does apply I can see from order tags screen (right portion) but order screen (left portion) is not update

This is only when the automation command (same one) executed by Edit Product Property. It works if I press the actual button.

It is because you have to press Close or select another item. Let me see if i can find value for Close.

Yesh, it just weird if it execute automatically, it seem like it just wait for “Enter Key” things like that.

I have reproduced it… I know why it is doing it. I am trying to see if we can find a solution/workaround.

Wait something else is wrong then. I thought you meant something else. Mine is updating instantly.

I press hamburger and I get my question:

I pressed Double and it sets it as double:

Can you show me a screenshot of your action and your rules? Something must not be configured right.

You are missing Value… you should have a separate Select portion Apply event for each portion… and it should have a command value based on what portion you pressed during the question.

For your example you should have 8 Portion Apply rules… Each rule would be named Portion Apply (1pc), POrtion Apply(2pc) and so on…

Inside each rule you should have the standard Automation Command Executed Equals Your automation apply command
AND also Command Value Equals PORTION NAME then add the action to update order and fill in the Portion .

You are not telling it which portion to apply basically

You would need separate rules for each portion something along the lines of:
You can take out refresh ticket it does nothing.

If you want to use command value then you need to set a command value… YOu do not have one defined,.

In your question action it should be 1pc=1pc,2pc=2pc and so on

Hmm, I did add 1pc=1pc,2pcs=2pcs …
But mine still wont update.

Did you execute it by goto Menu -> Select Catagory and Edit Product Property?

Yes you still have something set wrong.

I don’t know what wrong but if I PRESS on the automation command button, it working properly

NOTE command value needs to match portion name exact.