Automation command not working properly if it is executed by Menu Edit Product Property

I was trying it because you can press close ticket to do that I figured an action to do that would work. But I think I understand why it didn’t and I think it had to do with the fact that the Order Portion button was never actually pressed. So Portion was not chosen its name was just changed.

silly question… you executed CLOSE TICKET ACTION… did it actually close the ticket?

No it did nothing. But I was testing without an entity chosen. With a customer entity it might have. But the reason I was attempting to use that action did not work and it was not the same as your issue.

Your issue was a more exact reason and @emre explained it to you if I remember correctly. Something to do with Triggers and open tickets and a queue. It had nothing to do with close ticket inside a rule.

Close Ticket Action works just fine inside a rule. Technically when you press a Close Ticket button your using Close Ticket action inside a rule… a rule drives the action from the automation command you pressed.

Your second action was called from a Trigger… @emre explained how triggers work with open tickets… I do not remember exactly but something about them waiting until the ticket is closed.

No. @Emre explained why we cannot change prices when we are with an open ticket…
Thats why I use CLOSE TICKET rule, so I can close it automatically and change price list… except that I could not make CLOSE TICKET ACTION work…


You were attempting to use close ticket action from a command that was fired from a trigger . Its the same reason the prices could not be changed.

ANYWAY before we hijack this thread anymore… The close ticket action I was referencing in this thread was not the same thing.

yea, sorry. will continue working


Hi @emre,
I would suggest to have check box force select portion (like auto select)if possible. So, we can have automation command to do something else.

Thank you

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Auto Select doesnt force the selection tho… It just forces it to bring it up on item selection. You can still select nothing and press close. He was trying to avoid this and force a selection.