Automation Command not working when using entity screen

Ive created an entity screen for manager functions (see my tutorial Rick’s Tutorial 4 - Manager Functions Screen) Ive added my petty cash and open drawer buttons here and they work perfect. However my discount button does not, i have created an automated 10% discount button so when the button is pressed on the pos screen, the staff card can be swiped and ticket updates state, entity and discounts the ticket. this works perfect, however i have created a button on my manager functions entity screen for staff discount, as i have for petty cash and open drawer but it does not work.

is this because it is trying to update the ticket where as my other two buttons have nothing to do with the ticket?

@emre can my entity button work in this way from my entity screen? if not could this be something you could update? it would be very useful to be able to have 1 button on the pos screen “manager functions” then to have different buttons on this entity screen rather than having lots of different buttons on the main POS screen.

This is my flow with petty cash which works perfect

press Manager Functions on POS screen

Press petty cash

Enter details

account details shows this has worked

similarly if i press the open drawer button my cash drawer opens

but if i press my staff discount button the entity screen closes and the pos screen appears but nothing has happened, the entity should have updated, state updated and 10% deducted from ticket total

any ideas?

EDIT if i add an order to the ticket then press manager functions and select staff discount nothing happens. If no orders are added to the ticket and i select manger functions and staff discount the staff entity is added to the ticket and the state changes, but as there are no orders the remaining action of deducting 10% doesnt happen. so part of the the actions do work on the ticket, can it work with an order added to the ticket and have discount applied?

its probably because its trying to do a 10% discount on a ticket that does not exist. Your trying to update stuff that requires a ticket to update. Your not in a ticket.

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you would need to change your discount rule. It should fire when Entity updated. Why not just program the discount as a custom entity data for staff. Whenver that entity is added to a ticket it will automatically do the discount… no button required.

i have it set to run automatically now when the staff entity is added to the ticket, i was looking in to other ways of doing it and as i want eventually to have staff entity automatically assigned when logging in i didnt know if there would be a conflict with some rules so im looking at alternatives to doing things.

ill have a look at the discount rule like you suggest and see what i can do, thanks again :slight_smile:

hello @RickH would it be possible for you to show me exactly how you managed to add the “open drawer button” to the entity screen, thank you

First entity screen should be custom screen

Right click to enter design mode

Right click again to add widget

Right click on the widget and enter settings

Chose open drower from drop down list

Right click to close and save

Thank you @pizzaeilat4

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Yep ive already done a tutorial and it used open drawer button as the example see my tutorial here

Read it all to see how i setup my manager screen but step 8 is where inspecifically show you how to create the open drawer button

To get the corners of the button rounded use the radius settings 10,10,10,10

Also note that any buttons that affect the ticket wont work, for example i tried adding a staff discount button in the screen shots above but as this directly adds a function to the ticket it wont work, youre not able to do this from an entity screen

I currently have petty cash, open drawer and recalling parked sales working