Backup Error Message

Hi guys,
I am running into a problem while backing up my data base both manually and automatically.

I am getting and error message that reads;

“Maximum number of retries (5) exceeded while executing database operations with ‘SambaExecutionStrategy’. See inner exeption for the most recent failure.”

If anybody can help me out then I would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

please post the error from the log file located at %USERPROFILE%\Documents\SambaPOS5

Thank you for the response. I just checked that log file and there is no date that matches today’s date. In fact, there is no event dated after 2020 and that is when I was last able to auto backup Samba

Well, shoot. Without the exception details, it’s hard to say what is the underlying cause. I’m wondering if there’s a timeout being hit the triggers the retry policy. How big is your database?

However, you could always send an email to and see if they can help. THis may be beyond the forum’s abilities.

The data base is rather large. I dont know how big exactly but the last backup I have comes in at just over 200mb

What does “Clear Database Transactions” do? I have never done this task. Could it help?

The backup zipped is 200MB? If that’s the case and you have two more years of data, the timeout issue is most likely the case. Get with support and see if they might be able to do something for you. Perhaps adding a program setting so one can manually increase the timeout.

What does “Clear Database Transactions” do? I have never done this task. Could it help?

That essentially resets the database. Your customisations will remain, but all historical data will be lost. It’s what you run after testing and are starting to use it live the next day.

This seems to make sense. Looking back at the all the compressed backups, it seems to go up about 0.3mb per day. It seemed to have snowballed rather quickly and I dont know how to keep it from growing or to get it to shrink.

Thank you for all your help and suggestions. I will contact Samba as you recommended

Do you use Metrik? Or have you used it and no longer do?

I dont know what Metrik is. You’ll have to excuse me as I am not very tech savvy. Setting up samba for my restaurant was by far the most challenging thing i have done on the computer and I own a lot to the contributors on this message board

Rex can you provide what is inside the documents/sambapos/log.txt file?

Metrik is a reporting app SambaPOS has. It adds triggers to the database to collect the information it needs. If Metrik is uninstalled, the triggers remain but nothing to clear it out.

Have a look @ disk usage by table in SSMS. Right click on Database -> Reports -> Standard Reports -> Disk Usage by Table then sort by size. Let me know what is the top table by usage.

Hi Jesse,
There has not been an entry in the log.txt since February of 2020 and that was an “unknown user name or bad password.” Most entries before that are the same or “printer name is invalid” entry.

Hmm thats very strange. Ok please send an email to we can take a look. It is a weekend so you may not get response right away.

Thank you Jesse. I appreciate it

Answers my question. You just have a lot of data.

There is an action to backup the database. Create a nav button/automation command button, rule and action for a manual backup. See if you’re able to create a backup that way instead of from inside management or at work period end.

here’s an import file for the backup automation I was talking about (927 Bytes)

Thank you. There is a manual backup button that came with my V5 Samba and it times out.

Ill try this new action/button to see if it works

To prevent the DB from growing so much, could one “clear database transactions” regularly. Like say every January 1st I could do a manual backup for the year and then clear the database transactions data.
Would this prevent my database from growing into the GBs?