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I have spend almost a week building up the menus and different functions on my sambapos but now I have problem with my pc (very common problem in win 10 unidentified network on my LAN/ can not connect to second station ). I tried million things to fix it but no luck , so I have to restore my pc to factory settings:joy_cat:
So my question is if I back up data base and install it on my pc again after recovery will i loose anything , are all the menus and my hard work still going be there? Thanks

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Yes, all your setup Products, Menus, Configuration, Automation, etc is stored in the Database, so all your hard work will still be there.

Backup your DB, and store the file somewhere safe, then restore the DB afterwards. You can do this using the Backup Module in SambaPOS, or using SSMS.

I similar problem not so long ago, was windows 7 though and couldnt get it to change to a workplace network.
The solution involved going into regedit and changing a security setting allowing reclasification of network, different os I know but maybe worth a search if sounds familier and isnt something already tried.
It was after the venue changed their router and one of the staff didnt select ‘workplace network’ like they needed to.

can not back it up please see photo. any suggestions

? Thanks

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Move zip to different folder or grant SQL access to the folder.
Search forum for ’ NT Service\MSSQL$SAMBAPOS ’ for more info.

Thanks I used external drive and worked