Backup & Training Mode

@emre Have two issues 1. I cannot Back up Data base giving error pls find attached screen shot
2. I have created and developed my setup in training mode when disabled its all gone back to what it was I thought can play and when ready switch to live is there any way I can bring that back thanks.

@emre Thanks for quick reply yes when I changed folder to another drive its working fine , may I know any way retrieve the demo mode work thanks.

Sorry… What is demo mode work? :slight_smile:

I think he’s referring to the fact he has developed his system in training mode, so when he leaves training mode all the development he has done disappears. He wants to be able to copy everything he has setup in training mode to work in non training mode without having to set it all up again manually.

Can that be done?

Training mode designed to make changes that will disappear / overwritten.

I thought that’d be the case @gsreddy looks like you’ll need to re-create everything in NON training mode

@emre I tested samba card loyalty made it to work and I did templates of printers , also few custom reports I cant see them even the menu design some of them gone not sure have to look but the design changed back to old I added pictures to products also gone since fewdays iam thinking to go live but it will take few more days now,

@emre The only worry for me if I do all setup live and test some transactions how they work and discounts voids etc , How can I clear all transactions and when all ready I can clear or purge , start over new ? if new staff need demo then can switch temporarily to demo need help on it because I want to do all of them need suggestion pls

Exactly I thought only the transactions not recorded in demo …

It is not a demo mode. It is training mode which is designed to disappear. You can set it up and then use the clear transactions option from database tools module. Or you can use a SQL script to clear the transactions.

@kendash need help in clearing transactions can u pls guide me thanks again

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