Bar Tab setup messes with Table setup (Entity)

I have the Bar Tab setup from Rick. Now everything works fine, until you select a table to your bartab order.
On opening from my table, I get an empty ticket, and not my bartab, since the bartab is a ticket-tag I presume?

How can I fix this that the table is fixed to the right bar-tab, and not to ticket-ID?

There are a few things needed to understand whats causing.
Does the table show as having tickets on it on the entity screen (orange by default)?
You can have multiple tickets on a table so either the table entity is not being set to the tab ticket or maybe your entity screen if forcing creation of new ticket…
Show some screenshots…

New ticket:

Opening bar tab:

Linking pooltable1:

Table screen:

Clicking on table:

So when linking a bartab to a table, and then clicking on the table, it is opening a new ticket…?

You have done something wrong with your automation maybe show us what you did and we can spot your issue.

I imported the database from Rick bar tab setup.

I have a clean DB for testing for you?

I have searched for 2 days now and my head hurts :sweat:

Must be a missing link somewhere, but I cant figure out where… :frowning:

We don’t share databases anymore due to license issues. I took your link out. If we ask for a backup you can pm us one but only if we ask.

There is no license in it, since it is stil asking for activation, is it?

Start by showing us your actions and rules. Also share with us where you got his Bar tab setup was it an older one?

This is the 1 I imported.

Ok so you did not import a database you imported a database tools file. Thanks that helps us a lot. BTW that is how you share configurations not by sharing full database.

So it seems he built that for a specific setup without using Tables. You will need to modify it to work with tables. He is specifically not using tables with his examples and I know his setup and I am fairly certain that is your issue. It needs to be modified to suit your needs.

In order to modify it you will need to understand what each rule and action is doing so you can figure out why its interfering with your tables. We can help but we need to see your rules. I have no use for a bar tab so I am not going to import that setup. But if you share with us screenshots of the setup we can maybe help.

Figured it out.

I had to put the entityscreen the type from ticket to bar tab. So everything works now.


In your implementation, are you running as admin?

Did you try to run it with any other role? I have problems with non admin users.
After examining the rules and actions(except two which I cannot edit), I still don’t see which one needs admin authorization or unless there is some minor bugs in the permission settings.

Some detail in your issue would help…

You addressed the same question in the original tutorial thread. But I was unable to locate the admin pin thing in the button, actions and rules.

I currently use just a Ticket tag to handle Open Tabs but also curious to learn more. With my current solution of using the ticket tag, I cannot get the right syntax to show the customer name on the ticket lister, so I try to study how that tutorial does it.

Update my puzzling solved and posted by RickH in the original tutorial - it is a choice in the automation command.

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