Barcode Open Ticket Scanning To Cash Out Customer


I would love to setup a barcode scanner that lets me scan a barcode on the customers ticket when they come up to the counter so that their ticket comes up on the screen as soon as the ticket is scanned. Would would be even better is the payement screen for that order to come up. Would love it if someone pointed me into the right direction.


You can do this with a Task Type and a Task Type Editor widget on a custom entity screen. I will explain in a moment.

1. Settings:Task Types: Create a Task Type call it Load Ticket default settings. 
2. Create a custom entity screen and put a Task Type Editor widget down.  
3. Enter Settings for Task Type editor widget choose Load Ticket for Task type name value
4. Type Ticket inside Task create commands box.  
5. check the Dont create task history box at bottom

Create a Display Ticket action and put [:Ticket] as ticket id. 
Create a Automation Command Executed rule:
Add custom constraint Automation Command Name Equals Ticket
Add your Display Ticket action and for Ticket put [:CommandValue]
Set default mapping for rule.

Now we set up receipts to print the barcode…

Add this in your ticket wherever you want barcode


Bam done: Now when you scan the ticket it will load it in ticket screen.


Okay Could I do it to auto bring up the pay settle screen aswell or no?

with rules possibly yes. I am not sure though. I am thinking you should be able too if you trigger a rule on ticket open and use some constraints to look for specific states. I think it would be wise to not do that however. It will allow your employee to do other functions like add to ticket…

Customer already requested bill but wants to add a take out order… employee just scans receipt pulls up ticket and adds to order.

Okay thats not a big deal as long as I can bring up the ticket, The pay screen would be a great idea if we can get it to work. First im going to try this I have an order for a scanner coming in soon so ill try it then.

you can test it now. Just make it print {TICKET ID} somewhere on the receipt… and you can type that number in to test it. Barcode scanner is just entering text anyway. Gives you two options if scanner does not work they can still type ticket id in… can print it at top of ticket as TR# {TICKET ID} ticket id can act as a transaction number.

Yeah but if they want to get a takeout order they wouldn’t come up and hand the waitress the ticket anyways, they would tell her while they are sitting down, meaning that the waitress wouldn’t have the reciept yet. I think that auto pay screen would be marvelous but my main concern is getting the ticket pulled up.

Okay im doing it now ill let you know.

I can see your point. its possible im sure using rules and constraints. I use this system in mine to pull up tickets for refunds.

I created the entity why cant I create widget on it? wont let me right click.

Did you set it as custom for view ?

Okay for this step: “add custom constraint Automation Command Name Equals Ticket” I dont have a automation command called ticket when I click the drop down it shows all my existing automation commands. Was I supposed to create an automation command called Ticket?

you type Ticket the widget is dynamically creating it so you do not need to store one. You do not always have to choose with the drop down you can type your own names in that same drop down box

Oh okay, I put in the code in the printer template but it only shows a number no barcode.

it wont print it in windows printer either

Is there anything I can do to see it right now? PDF or anything?

i think there are tricks to view it but I have not researched them. It will print it on your pos printers though.

Okay I will have one soon anyways. Wow Thank You so much its all working, I cant believe how much Im liking this system. By the way have fully developed out of my “traditional” POS thinking. With a 20" screen this is going to be alot better then my old system. I will upload my menu on here once I get it fully setup so that anyone interested can take a look.

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The real beauty of this system is it only gets better with community. It will basically do anything.

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Yeah I definitely plan on developing an android app for it so that we can see reports in beautiful pie graphs, bar graphs, etc. Also make reservations, see open tickets, maybe a few other things. I seen a partnership form for the api. Is there any news on an available api coming soon so I can start working on it?

It has been mentioned that an API is being developed… but so is some native Mobile support as well as Website builders etc.