Based on the topic linked, I would like to make both discounts?

Continuing the discussion from Automatic discount based on customer discount-level with set amounts per product:

Based on the topic above I would like to make discounts levels for costumers based on percentage and amount. I have tried adding them with the different names but I guess I messed up somewhere. So the Order Tag Group name would be Discount Amount and Discount Percentage. When I did it only the Discount Amount is working even though all Order Tags are shown on the Product.

Is there any other way?


The very long and detailed linked discussion eventually morphed into the development of the VIP / Happy Hour Tutorial:

If you follow that Tutorial, and try to understand how it works, you can remove or skip the portions that have to do with Happy Hour so you are left with VIP-Level Discounts only.

You could certainly apply fixed and percent discounts based on Customer Levels, but you will need 2 Entity fields to define them, and 2 Discount Types, which you already mentioned.

It won’t be possible to know why your setup does not work unless you post screenshots of what you have done.

Hmmm this seems interesting and when I have more time I’ll check it out, even though the issue here is not making it impossible to get both discounts.

I made 2 Custom Fields in Customers (Entity Types): Discount Amount & Discount Percentage

And then I’ve made every Rule and Actions on Automation double with different names and different properties according to Custom Fields (Order Tag Name: Discount Amount & Discont Percentage; State Name: DPStatus & DAStatus; State Name: Discount Amount & Discount Percentage; etc)

If you need screenshots for every rule and action please tell me, but I believe you understand what I’m trying to say.

The thing is that Discount Amount (so changing the price of the product) is working fine, but the percentage one is not working at all. Even when only one is selected. So I want to be able to select one of the Custom Fields and have the discount on percentage or amount, but it’s not an issue even if I have both Custom Fields selected and have a discount on percentage and amount :slightly_smiling:

Anyways, I’ll check that tutorial about happy hours and try to understand the workflow more.

Thanks a lot for your reply

Ok, so show the Rules for Percentage, with Actions expanded. Might also need shots of the actual Actions for Percent as well.

It would also help to see an Entity showing the Custom Data Field values.

We need to see how and when the Order is being tagged to determine why it is not applying the Percent Discount.


Sorry for the late reply :slight_smile:

I have a lot of work on my bar and don’t have too much time…

So these are the screenshots of Actions, Rules and Entity Custom Data fields.

I hope you can see anything because I still can’t find the issue even though I didn’t have too much time to check it out…

Thanks a lot,

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Your last screenshot, the second Custom Constraint has State Name. It should be State Equals Active

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Damnit! Well I’ve fixed it but I think there should be some other catch somewhere else :frowning:

So, the amount with percentage null is working, the percentage with amount null is not working, only amount is working when both selected…

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Something is wrong,

When I try to change the State Name to State and Save it, it turns it to State Name when I open it again…

Let me try and check everything again :slight_smile:

EDIT: Well, this is really interesting, I’m changing the name and clicking save but it’s returning it to the name before “State Name”. Is it because it’s not activated? I don’t believe it’s for that reason, but maybe?

Do something crazy and type this in the box:


Save the Rule.
Open the Rule
Select State where the gibberish is entered.
Save the Rule.

Or, remove the 2nd constraint.
Save the Rule.
Add the 2nd constraint as State
Save the Rule.

The Entity Data must be numeric. You have values such as DA1 and DP5 in your Entity Data. They will not work. They should simply be 1 and 5, respectively. The equation in the Rule that calculates the discount needs numbers only - it cannot work with the text prefixes.

OK, I think everything is better now.

I was usually filling the name manually and I guess that’s why it didn’t work. Now I saw after clicking on the drop down menu that there is a State value so everything is OK.

Thanks a lot and sorry for any inconvenience :slight_smile:

And they both work together too!

I read your discount levels for customers. It is very informative and helpful to me.

Oh man, this is a long time ago, I don’t think I can find my modifications since I am not in the business anymore, but if you follow QMcKay tutorial and maybe check my comments you might make it work :slight_smile: