Basic operation

is there any basic operation manual please? version 5 as I’ve deleted all the samples and add some but they don’t show obviously this program has a massive learning curve to use , do you have to be a programmer to use it?

No you dont have to be a programer but there is quite a steep curve at the benging especially if you jump in deep end out the door (automation & customisation).

Have you just removed the sample products? Not messed with automations right?
If so you are mostly likey just creating new products but not adding to the menu.
A new product needs to be added to the menu/category - it doesnt just show all products which is good as allows us to organise and adapt our menu layout and system.

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This may help


hi ,thanks I got it back to the standard install , I’ve not deleted anything just added now , however I added entities as this Restaurant , Verandah, Conference and Rooms , just by editing the existing labels on tables and adding more but the extra ones I’ve added show in a different colour can anyone explain this to me please ? I added them by cloning existing tables.
the screen shot shows you what I mean

Just means no state is applied yet. White ones are in available state.


thanks, but how would I work out how to do that?

I went to automation (google searched it) and used update entity state for tables , it stayed the same till I clicked on each 1 individually in the pos screen then they went white, not sure if that’s how it’s supposed to work , certainly strange

This it just because when you manually create an entity it does not have a state, it is born/new/virgin and never been used.
When you add orders the state goes to New Orders, if you print the bill it changes to Bill Requested. Once the last ticket for an entity is closed it is changed to Available.

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