Before close ticket event canel close

Haven’t tried but specifically but on the Thai restaurant setup I posted the other day I have setup an ask question action on the close ticket button to a question ‘closing ticket will send all food orders to the kitchen, do you want to continue?’ so that is staff appreciate that closing at that moment will send new orders to kitchen and give them a chance to make any changes they might have missed.
This is constrained to a ticket state for KOrder = New Orders so only asks if there are new food items on the ticket that would be printed to kitchen.
As you can end up with several ways for a ticket to be closed/orders printed to kitchen I wondered if there might be a way to set a more general rule that say on ticket closing a confirmation as described could be added.
In short a way to stop an event.
Any opinions/ideas?

You just need to change the Rule that handles the Close button.

Take out the Close Ticket Action.
Insert an Ask Question Action that fires an Automation Command called (for example) “Close Confirm”.
In the “Close Confirm” Rule, place the Close Ticket Action.
Constrain the Rule to only fire if the Command Value is Yes.

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Can I do the same thing for the Settle rule ? I need a question to to ask if I want to Print Bill or not, after I pay. (I need this in case that I already have a bill printed).


Yes put your ask question action inside Payment Processed Rule.

I am not quite sure I understand this part tho…

You want it to check if a bill has been printed already? What questions will be asked?

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Try and search the forum this question has been asked a few times, most recently 3 days ago when i answered another post

See the post below containing a link to emres post of a tutorial that does exactly what you want, just amend for it to work on your settle button or wherever it is you want it to happen :slight_smile:

Surely you want to print a receipt after bill is paid everytime unless the customer doesnt want a copy? Not because youve already printed a bill

A bill and receipt and two different things, the bill informs the customer what they owe, a receipt shows the customer they have paid for their order with details if payment type and change etc

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Yes, for that I need it :), thank you :slight_smile:


I found it here, thank you for your time.