How to add this button "order complete Yes or No"

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Hi, trying to add this yes no button to ask question before closing ticket, can anyone provide more details please.


Ok, what are you wanting to achive?
Is it a confirmation before kitchen print like my original question on the topic?

Yes my friend, just like you asked please.

OK, one sec will give bit more info.

Thanks, I tried to do it, but end up with nothing happening.

OK, so what to you have?
What you need to do is separate the automation command (button) and the ticket close rule.
Its nothing to do with before ticket close rule.

So CLOSE button would say have command value of Close Button
You need a new rule for automation command executed which would have a constraint of Command Name matches/equals Close Button.
This rule will have the ask question action with whatever question and two buttons.
The ask question action would want a comand name field of say ‘CloseConfirmed’ and the buttons would be something like
Then go to the original Close button rule which should have had the command name constraint of Close Button, change the command value to CloseConfirmed and add an extra constraint of Command Value matches/equals Confirmed.

What this does if this;
Close Button (Command Name [Close Button]) —> Close Confirm Rule - Command Name [Close Button]
Close Confirm Rule - Command Name [Close Button] --> Ask Question - Command Name [CloseConfirmed] ]OK=Confirmed,Cancel=Cancel]
Original Close Rule listens for CloseConfirmed & Confirmed, if pressing cancel the command would be CloseConfirmed–Cancel which has no rule to respond so goes no further.

My system went beyond just a confirm and has a couple of possible ask questions depending on the ticket currently open ie track if an entity has been selected with a ticket state update so if no entity selected the message says CANNOT CLOSE TICKET WITHOUT SELECTING TABLE
Also track kitchen orders using an order state of kitchen orders so if there is an entity selected but there are kitchen orders on the ticket I get;
And another which says if ticket total =0 or there are no kitchen orders and an entity has been chosen it just closes without a message;

I am more lost than lost lol. If only I was more clued up with the basics I guess.

At the moment it seems confusing, as to what needs changing:

a) What changes need to be done in “Actions” to the close ticket action

b) What needs to be done in Rules, I guess new rule needs to be created to ask the question as topic.

Start in your close ticket button rule first yer…
Make a screenshot so we are looking at the same thing.

OK, now the close ticket rule in the top part of the rules list.

OK so as it stands that button is firing that rule.
You need an interim/intercept rule.
Follow the commands

Button (Close Ticket) --> Rule (Close Ticket)
will become

Button (Close Ticket)  
       |____>   Rule Close Confirm (Close Ticket)
                    |==> Ask Question Action CommandName=(CloseConfirmed)
                                     |_____> Rule Close Ticket (CloseConfirmed)
                                                   |==> Close Ticket Action

I have tried it, now when I press the close button I get the question asked but whichever button I press nothing happens, so than I am stuck at that point.

Show your ask question…

Also the rule the ask question is in and the last rule whatever you called it

Rule Close Ticket (CloseConfirmed)
|==> Close Ticket Action

You have no command constraint on that rule so nothing is triggering it…
BUT hold on cause youll need to have differnet command name between the button and the ask question else they will clash.

Change the automation command name in the ask question action to something like CloseTicketQuestion (type it in, dont use the dropdown)
Id change the Yes= to Yes=Confirmed.

Then set two constraints in the close ticket rule
Command Name = CloseTicketQuestion
Command Value = Confirmed

I need to learn the basics on how things work, as right now i feel like a right dumb ass. Now the close button triggers nothing.

I am going to give it a break, all these hours trying to get one thing to work, crazy!

You’ll get it and when you do you’ll get hooked, I have found myself spending pretty much two whole days tweeking one part of my setup to get it just right and to cover all eventualities - obviously the more complex the more possible outcomes there mite be.

Anyway stick with it and you won’t regret it.
Once it clicks you won’t blunder stand why you found it hard before, it think allot of people are expecting it to be more complex than it is and over think things,is do all the time still, spend an evening trying to work out how to do this and the answer is right in front of me lol