Best way to accept and process Credit Cards?

Good evening everyone,

I am very new to Samba and I’m actively pursuing installing it for my Bar/Grill.

I really don’t want to use external credit processors (Paypal/Square), as it is off putting, and I’ve seen a decrease in tips as well as witnessing general discomfort among my patrons. I would really like to get a card reader that can print out receipts for purchase and tip like most regular US bars/restaurants.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I am currently building the machine for Samba and want to get it operational soon!


Any card reader service works. It wont integrate with SambaPOS so the way I use it, USA Too BTW, is I settle in sambapos using Credit Card payment type… it prints a receipt I take receipt then punch in payment on my card machine and swipe card.

BTW Paypal offers services that works like a typical card swiper… Look up Paypal Here

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Thanks Kendash,
I appreciate such a quick reply. I guess the main part of this post is to get a paper receipt with the Subtotal, Tip and Total lines with a signature section is what I want to get back to. I’m currently using SquareUp to process cards which I plug the dongle into the phone and swipe. I put this in place as an emergency measure following the cancellation of our traditional bank-provided processor.

I’m probably confusing myself a bit, but to stick to my main point, I want to get the phone dongle out of the picture and not interfere with the ease of the POS

SambaPOS currently does not integrate with Credit Card processors so you will not be able to process the actual transaction via SambaPOS. You will need an external Card Service and Swipe machine.

I am in the USA and I agree it would be nice to have it integrated as 99% of USA venues use integrated services. However right now its not an option with SambaPOS. So the way I accept Credit Card payments is I settle the ticket like normal and press the Credit Card payment type, SambaPOS prints me a receipt with all of the information you just talked about I then punch in the amount to be charged to credit card into the Machine and it prints out a ticket for customer to sign. I keep that ticket and give the SambaPOS printed ticket to customer.

Ok, I understand that - I’m looking into Paypal Here, I’m just really wanting to get the phone portion out of the picture. I was reporting triple in tips before the dongle was introduced.

Even if I have to go with a bank-provided processor again, that wouldnt be the worst thing. PNC just cancelled our service because with the onset of the new Chip Cards, they wanted us to upgrade to the multi-thousand dollar install of their POS system. I said… no.

I use a windows tablet as my POS and my Paypal Here chip reader integrates with it. So it uses my internet connection, no phone line needed. Its also done on the same machine as my POS. Right now its just an app I switch to after I settle. App can be downloaded from the windows store.

I have the chip card reader so I can accept apple pay etc.

And the customer doesn’t sign the tablet or use the tablet in any way? The minute I brought the dongle and iphone/ipad into the picture with SquareUp, customers freaked and tips have been terrible. Not to mention the complaints both on Square to us and across the bar of their general discomfort in using it.

Perhaps I’m not versed enough in Paypal Here.

Actually they dont sign at all.

I love it already – I’ll have to look into Paypal then.

As for integrating it into the POS, how did you connect the dongle?

I dont use a dongle…

I use the Paypal Here App and the Chip Card reader that integrates with the app. You can check it out for free just go to windows store and type Paypal Here you can see the app

I have so much to learn, apparently - -thank you for all of your help. Seems like its the best way to go.

As for applying tips to the bills, is that done at the time of the transaction, or at the end of the night with paypal?

You can choose how you want it to work. You can use invoice and pay later or charge instantly.

Very cool - which reader are you using then for the cards?

I am using the Chip Card Reader so I can accept contactless payments like Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc as well as magnetic cards or chip cards.

If I could find a way to integrate the Windows App to sambapos that would be cool :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry if this is too cumbersome, but which chip card reader? (have a link?) Thats what I’ve been looking for - seems you have the setup I need, so if I can come as close to yours as possible, I feel like I’m doing something right.

Thanks again, I really appreciate it.

It all makes sense now… thank you very much.

Before I go looking, do you know the percentage charged per swipe off hand?

Sorry for the long video but it shows it in action pretty well. You have options you can set it up to require signature or not. It can use contactless payments, swipes, or chip card insertions.

Ok so now I’m considering not building a machine and going with a tablet like you suggested.

Can you have the function/connectivity of a cash drawer and printer?

I use a very good windows tablet but a windows PC running windows 10 would work just fine as well. I use the Surface Pro 3 but any windows tablet with USB connections would be fine.

All you need for the app is a PC running windows 8.1 or windows 10 so you can install the app. I prefer tablet so I can take it home with me every night. We have had several computers stolen from our venue in past.