Billiard Lights on and off

Hi Im Using Samba for Billiard Club they Have a System Connected to the light above each table where u can connect to com port and control within PC

Can we use Rules and actions to send command to the device to switch on the light when table is open and to switch light off when table closed

Im allreday using timer when table is open

You probably can do mate but looks like your using V3.
This forum is V4 and soon to be released V5.

Also on a side note where did you get your software from? Looks like you have a re branded SambaPOS V3.
Did you pay for it?

Use the Port Printer Type to send commands to a COM port using <XCT a,b,c> commands. Or possibly use the RAW Printer Type if you need even lower-level control.

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Sorry if my previous post sounded short :relaxed:

Either way would be interested to know what your light system hardware is if you dont mind sharing details and also report of how you get on with the controls would be nice :smile:

hi JTRTch

it dosent matter if version 3, 4 or 5 if there is a solution in anyone of them I will use and my question is related to actions and rules and it might be applicable even to version 2

now regarding re-branding V3 u dont need to buy it to do that its allowed to do so cause u have the source code and u can do what ever u want with it its GPL Licence

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this might work but how to link it to each table in entities?

I think you took the question the wrong way, my question was weather you paid someone for their re-branded SambaPOS, not if you did it yourself to say you cant do that.

What is your switching unit looking to receive? How does it identify the individual lights?

no bro I did it my self from the source Code

In Rules, use the event for Entity Selected or Ticket Entity Changed.

From there, you could store the Entity in a Program Setting, or simply fire Execute Print Job Actions based on the Entity which was selected.

Nice one :slight_smile: it was conserne that someone had charged you for Samba with their logo, have seen it a few times and is very cheaky as emre puts allot of work into it and hate to see someone ripping of his efforts as their own :frowning:

I hope someone can answer this question cause I have no idea how it works
but logicly thinking there is a port for each light where u need to send a command to the device with an identifier for each light port

Am intrigued in this device… what is it? have a model number or something?

Imagine it will be looking for a fairly basic command with a ‘Port’ (switch number) and a on/off/switch command.

lol no buddy no one did but I got no problem to pay if someone can do it faster than me

its only written light control board

got some pictures? will see if I can find out what it is and how it works
light control board comes back with like studio/stage lighting mixer things
am quite interested in the idea, have been looking to approach local snooker hall with suggestion for POS upgrade :slight_smile:

give me 5m i will take pics

if its something you can remove the cover from a curcuit board number or something might help a google search to find exact thing.

You would set up different Print Jobs linked to different Printer Templates, with each containing the proper code(s) to send to the COM port. You could possibly parameterize the Template with a Program Setting and have the Template contain the Tag {SETTING:LightCode}, which you would set in the Action(s) for the Rule(s) based on the Entity.

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