Billiard Lights on and off

thanx QMxkay
I think this solution might work but the trick is to find the light code I think it should be something universal
Im still digging to find it

Looking at the second picture it looks like two separate relay boards (6 relays each) and a controller board.
Relay board look like model no AT-470, that right?
Is there a bard model number on the controller? Thats what you will need to find what commands you will need to send.

Also looks like a website on the two realy boards, is the main board the same company? looks like same logo, whats that website?

there previous POS system was connected to the light system and it was working but the problem there hard disk was damaged and they lost all data so I dont have any reference
the only thing i understand from the owner that the previos company who did the system is Iranian so i assume that the light control board is made in iran too

I will check if I find anything writ in at the motherboard

Just thought I would point out that the GPL license does not mean you can do anything you want with it. For example you can’t rebrand it then sell it to someone telling them it’s yours.

Not meaning anyone does this in this forum but thought I would point that out. GPL does not give a license to do anything it’s specific. Many people get confused with GPL. It’s meant to keep the software free for everyone so it can also be improved.

I agree but u can re-brand but not sell

u sell ur services not the software

Yep nothing wrong with that as long as customer knows what they are getting.

There is definitely a website printed on the board, but it’s hard to make out from the photo. What is it?

We appreciate people doing business with SambaPOS. It is OK to add your brand as long as you license LEAP POS with GPL and fulfill GPL’s liabilities. But the issue I’m seeing here is you’ll install V3 to your customer instead of V4. That’s OK if you did some development (and released these changes as open source) but if it is only rebranding that adds no value to the project and customer will work with possible V3 issues solved in V4.

Like you said software is not that important. The important thing is the service you’ll provide. If using V3 does not provide a clear benefit for customer I’ll strongly advice to keep going with V4 or V5.

For the box you need to know serial port parameters that needed to communicate with that device. Trying that website address looks like a good idea. I guess it will accept a binary data like 001010 that each 0 and 1’s represents a switch’s state.

but could not find anything there

Thank u Emre for you approach
I understand it very well and always include GPL Licence with client installation and I never Charge for the software I only charge for my services
the reason i changed the name cause all my software called Leap like for example leap HR, Leap Accounting and leap Fleet management and give all of them for free

Now why I didn’t move yet to version 4 cause I made a lot of changes and developments in v3 and im not ready to move to v4 but defiantly I will go for v5

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I don’t mean including GPL License text on client :slight_smile: I mean you need to release publicly LEAP POS as opensource. The final product built based on a GPL’d source code should also licensed as GPL and released as open source. That’s the idea behind GPL.

wow I was not doing that at all I was just including the licence and informing the client that its a free software
but I still don’t understand where and how I should release publicly leap pos as an open source
can u explain please

You’ll create a fork here and upload your source code to your repository.

You can find details about both GPL terms, forking and github via google. Spare some time for it, you’ll learn a lot of good stuff :wink:

ok I got it I will do asap thanx
I have another question I know that v4 and v5 are not open source but can it be re-branded
please don’t get me wrong I just want to do that to maintain the same brand name for all the software’s im using cause everyone in my city knows me by leap even if u search my phone number in true caller app u will see lots of ppl saving my number as leap somthing :stuck_out_tongue:
therefore I would like to stick with the same line if its possible but if not then no worries

You may not be able to rebrand the little logo in the top left but have seen many putting their logo in the main login screen logo position.
Personally I just put customers logo here but
If I was looking to do that and include my own logo and details I would create the png to have customer logo with my details under it in that login logo position.

I think you may struggle to find the commands required by this box.

Depending on your local/countries legislation on electrics (maybe speak to your sparky) it may be easier and cheaper to just replace this box.
I am not a Electrition by trade but am good with electric/tech in general.
A quick google search returned results for example of rasberrypi relay boards from £20, after hours and hours of searching it may be more viable to look at more modern alternatives.
The relay board mentioned listed the relays as 10amp which should be more than enough for lighting circuits. Failing that if building regs would have issues then I expect a sparky installing relays switched by a low voltage controler should be more acceptable.
At least with something more up to date like that there will be plenty of documentation.

yes Im aware of that but what Im looking for is full re-branding
I sow once but I don’t remember where that Samba can be re-branded for a certain fees
I think I sow that when emre was running the campaign to raise money for development

ok this is what im going to do I will purchase a new device at my expense then we will work it out to integrate it with samba so lets call it a new challenge
I will inform u when I got the device u might also recommend a device cause u got more electrical experience than me