Bottle Deposits and Refunds

Sorry I have to bring it up again the bottle deposits. Like other country we deposit bottle and refund to customer. It can be easy for me to set up a bottle price (positive value) and refund price (negative value). I can handle the ticket well when customer refund it immediately but when they paid for tickets and come back to refund. We can handle a negative ticket with only bottle negative price.

I am open for any suggestion. Please help me to solve the problem, because some one also has the issue.

You can have a negative ticket which would be a refund rather than payment?
Sorry, not sure what your question is asking.

Sorry likewise. Having a hard time trying to grasp what it is you want to achieve.

From what I read, to refund customer you are putting a positive value then putting a refund value.
but if they pay for ticket? then come back for refund, I’m guessing this means they are paying for something else and wanting a refund of the bottle deposit?
Are you putting in the values manual for negative or have you setup a button or product with a negative value?

Sorry to make you confused. I have the bottle deposit and refund case. I sell a bottle of Cola for 40 kroner and 10 for the bottle itself. If the customer come back and return the empty bottle I return them 10 kroner. I need to cover the following situations

  1. If the customer use a glass so he return it immediately so I have to deduct the value.
  2. If customer come back after paid and ask to return I need to refund the amount.

I prefer to have the refund function as a product button. I can make a custom automation command to refund, but I don’t know how to use the same product button for an open ticket. I hope everything is clear now.


How many different deposit values are there?
I would look at either making an order added automation to add a deposit product (charge) for each coraspinding product added, or perhaps use an order tag either tagged on order added with rule or via the menu settings for those products.
I’d then have a button/automation for a deposit product either way and setup a refund for just the deposit

Thanks for your brief reply. Order tag seems to be a good idea, but how we manage two cases remove tag with an opening ticket and refund if the ticket is negative or zero?
Please help I don’t have much experience with rule and automation.

I reckon both ways you can use the refund button.

You can refer to

This can be useful for paid tickets that need to be opened and adjusted such as refunds.

This tutorial is useful for creating a refund button which you can use during an open ticket or settled/re-opened settled ticket.

You could first follow the second tutorial to create the refund button, then follow the first tutorial to apply re-open settled ticket which you can then use the refund button you created for refunds!

This way, you can either refund an item during an open ticket(Or gift it, or void) and you can do the same for a closed or paid ticket.

hope this helps.

Depends on how or if you want to track deposits.
If not its easy, just refund using a product.
I wouldnt go down the route of reopening tickets and removing past deposit tags or products. Refund them in a seperate ticket.

Thanks Shivan, but I don’t want users to spend so much time to find an item to refund.

It seems to be a right track for me. You meant refund in a separated ticket, so you will add a button in the order line, won’t you? I try to make it as a product. It is easier in the users point of view.

Setup refund button and hook into that.

Does it show on the ticket screen and can print out? It can also remove tag on a open ticket.

Yes, if you setup refund it would work just like normal ticket but with negative transaction/refund…

Here is one way.

Personally I use quantity rather than price which has same end result but will cound as a return for both qty and value;

The small refund is my own custom state formatting, default will be in brackets (negative)

Ok, Thanks a lot. It seems to work. I need to check all the cases.