Break down Service Charge In Work Period Report


In my current work period report, for service charge total is displayed for both cash and credit card transactions:

I would like this to be also broken down into, how much service charge was for cash transactions and credit card within this same report.

My work period report template is as follows:

[Sales:1, 1]
{REPORT TICKET TYPES:!PreOrder && TotalAmount >= 0}

[Pre Orders:1, 1]
{REPORT TICKET TYPES:PreOrder && TotalAmount >= 0}

[Refunds:1, 1]

[Payments:2, 1, 2]
{REPORT PAYMENT DETAILS:P.Name,P.Amount.Percent,P.Amount.Sum:Payment.Amount > 0}
>Total|{REPORT PAYMENT DETAILS:P.Amount.Sum:Payment.Amount > 0}

[Refund Payments:2, 1, 2]

[Ticket Details:2, 1, 2]
>>Ticket Counts
>>Order Counts
Orders per Ticket||[=F(TN('{REPORT ORDER COUNT: }')/TN('{REPORT TICKET COUNT: }'))]
Amount per Order||[=F(TN('{REPORT ORDER TOTAL: }')/TN('{REPORT ORDER COUNT: }'))]
>>Ticket Counts per State
>>Order Counts per State

[Ticket Tags:1, 1, 1]

[Payment Details:2, 1, 2]
{REPORT PAYMENT DETAILS:P.Name,P.Amount.Percent,P.Amount.Sum:(TY=$1)}
{REPORT CALCULATION DETAILS:C.Name,C.X,C.CalculationAmount.Sum:(TY=$1)}

[User Sales:1, 1] 
@{REPORT PAYMENT DETAILS:P.User,P.Amount.Sum::{0}:,} 
[Settled by $1:1, 1, 1] 
{REPORT PAYMENT DETAILS:P.Name,P.Amount.Percent,P.Amount.Sum:(PU=$1)} 
>Total Income|{REPORT PAYMENT DETAILS:P.Amount.Sum:(PU=$1)}

[Item Sales:2, 1, 2]
{REPORT ORDER DETAILS:O.ItemGroup,O.ExactTotal.Percent,O.ExactTotal.Sum:(ODI=True)}
Total||{REPORT ORDER DETAILS:O.ExactTotal.Sum:(ODI=True)}

Please assist on how can I do this.

Thank you

I’ve not read through every part of the template but what have you pasted there? The default work period report…?

What have you tried.

I think your request is likely not overly practicle. Is service charge an optional and a varying % or fixed?

This is the default work period report template which I have pasted.

My service charge is not default on every order, its only for dine in customers. How ever in the report it is showing the total of service charge for all transactions where as I would like to show the service charge separate for cash and credit card transactions.

The service charge rate is fixed to 5% but only for dine in customers.

Why do that, we all know what is on the default work period report?

OK well if its a fixed % on all dine in you might have some luck.
But is it definatly only ever 5% and on all dine in tickets?
How do you define dine in ticket in the system? tag, state, department, ticket type?

I haven’t defined it in the system. I just used calculation types to add a button into the POS for Dine In, which when clicked adds the 5% charge to the total amount.

OK, well you will not directly be able to report calculation paid cash and calculation paid card.
The only way you can do is to calculate a 5% on dine in ticket payments.
So add a ticket tag as part of that flow.
Then report payments by payment type where ticket tag is dine in and calculate backwards the 5% service charge.

sorry can you explain that in laymen terms step by step as to how to get the desired result.

Only if you understand what Im saying…

That im pretty sure you will not be able to directly report the numbers you want.
You can only calculate the value using other factors.
If it is a fixed value/5 on a set factor like ticket tag and can only be 5% and will always be on dine in tagged tickets. you should be able to calculate ok.
If there is posibility of removing the service charge calculation or adding the charge without the tag that the report will become inacurate.

Issue not resolved. I need simple steps on how to achieve this. Can someone kindly assist.

My request is simple and like printer template I believe the work period report template must have some easy tag or method to achieve my desired result. Again I simply want the service charge total broken down into how much received on cash transaction and on how much on credit card.

If it’s that simple where is the quick solution…
I try and help/explain and tu don’t seem interested in what I have to say.
It is similar senario to people who wanted to know about Tabacco sales cash and card split or tax cash and card split.
It’s not that simple.

Crude method would be to add a fine in ticket tag and REPORT PAYMENT DETAILS: with fields, payment type and total but as sum with /105*5 and follow with expression: where ticket tag of dine in.

This is not completely watertight report and if there is loophole in your flow for not having charge on dine in tag ticket or adding charge to other ticket it will not acurately match values.

I used calculation type for service charge in which I simply created a dine in button in the POS, if its dine in then I click on it and service charge is added but if its not then no service charge is added.

How do I accomplish your method :Crude method would be to add a fine in ticket tag and REPORT PAYMENT DETAILS: with fields, payment type and total but as sum with /105*5 and follow with expression: where ticket tag of dine in.???

Please If you can explain step by step

Add the ticket tag using the update ticket tag action in the rule where you are applying the service charge calculation.

@daftkam it is a little hard to understand your intention. This is not something requested before and to get better help it will be a better idea to explain it in detail like you explain someone who have zero knowledge about your business.

What do you mean by the “service amount paid by credit card”? By default service amount sums up to ticket amount and payments get processed for the whole amount. For example a $100 ticket becomes $105 with service amount and customer can pay $50 as cash and $55 as credit card. In this case we can’t know if servicing amount specifically paid by cash or credit card. If you don’t have partial payments or you have some different operation and this won’t be an issue for you, you can try using one of these templates.

Please keep in mind these reports might be misleading if multiple payment types used to settle a single ticket.

[Service Breakdown:1, 1]
$1|{REPORT CALCULATION DETAILS:C.Amount.Sum:(PA=$1) and (CT=Service Charge)}

[Calculation Breakdown:1, 1]

This is what I was trying to explain but doesnt seem to be following.

No what I require is simple. It is the break down of service charge.

In the report currently it shows total service charge. i.e

Ticket 33,960.00
Service Charge 1,358.00

I would like it to be broken down like the following:

Ticket 33,960.00
Cash Service Charge 1,000
Credit Card Service Charge 300

Basically how much of the total service charge was received per type of transaction.

How is that simple? Service charge is on the ticket not payment. It’s not calculated by payment. You can make up some numbers sure but that wouldn’t be accurate.

I tried your code, its not outputting any thing in the report

My request may be not understood correctly.

Let me try one more time, What I am trying to achieve in the report, is a break down of the cash and credit card transaction totals excluding service charge.

In hind sight, Report should simply display the following:

Total Sale Transactions
Cash: 100
Service Charge: 5
Credit Card: 200
Service Charge: 10

Total Sale Transaction Cash + Credit = 300
Total Service Charge Cash + Credit = 15

This is similar lines to your other post. See my responce there…

Understood correctly.

We have $115 ticket. Customer paid $60 cash and $55 Credit Card.

Can you tell me how Service Charge should be broken down? Did service charge paid by cash or credit card? From which payment we should exclude service charge?