Bump Bar display


sorry sorry for posting that as in bump bar we have recall so same thing i want to make in this kendash sir can u help me for this and how is this kitchen display kendash sir what i made for food n drink


I am still not sure what you are asking.


hi kendash sir like this recall option i am saying sir for my new design kitchen display i want to create recall option sir so can u help me sir please



Have a read through this topic - it’s a long read but all the information you need should be in it:
[Bump Bar for Kitchen display]


Sam please don’t private message asking for help. Be patient it won’t make anyone help you faster it will annoy them. Sometimes if it takes a bit to get help it means you are not clear enough and people ignore the post.


sure kendash sir i am sorry for that


Did you read what KryptonFactor posted ?


yes but its lot of confusion sir so i have cancel that option of recall now here i want ur help for creating waiter screen when we complete order from kitchen screen next it will go for waiter screen this screen i wanna make how to do it sir


I have not built it before so I can’t just tell you how. You should read that post and try to build it yourself that post has all the tools to modify and build that.


can i send you the file sir so that you can check n let me know


No I am working I don’t have time.


oh ok ok sir then i wil check wht i can do by own


That’s a good idea. Try it then let us know when you have trouble.