Bump Bar display

Hi need help for bum bar display can any one help me please

Trying to bite my tongue… isnt bum bar a slightly non-politically correct term :stuck_out_tongue:


i am really sorry sir lol

Bump Bar you mean hopefully LOL

:laughing: i am sorry for that

sir how to delete product from ticket Lister one by one this i need help sir

hi please can any one help me

You cant. Ticket lister is for listing tickets not individual products so this is impossible.

Here is what happens when you type Bump Bar in search:


Also if you type Kitchen Display in search you get good results as well. I recommend trying that.

This is a good tutorial:


i am searching for this setup but i am not getting in forum2016-12-26_23-42-00

That was a proof of concept but never really meant to be used. It is not the best flow honestly.

How would you track when to get something out first? It would be confusing. You may send 3 products to table 3 when Table 2 needed to be out first.

What if chef starts on muffins and toast and jam… sends it but the table needed Rice Pudding to complete it…

yes i saw that. any other idea kendash sir for my requirement if ther s scratch line also no prob on product as it wil b like order completed mark instead of product disappear any idea u have kendash sir

I gave you a link to something that you can modify for your needs.

ok sir i wil check n let u knw in 2 days

Hello kendash sir u there

hi sir i made the screen as per the requirement deleting product one by one and different serving areas like food drink but in this how to add recall button sir

Hi sir here is gif file for kitchen display food and drink what i made but in this i want to add recall option how to do this need help sir please

What do you mean by recall? I deleted your duplicate post about this. Please give people time to respond.