Bump Bar for Kitchen display


i want like this and i shuld be able to delete the item one by one

this is my print job settings

You need to change your print template.
here is an example one,

Table: <bold>{ENTITY NAME:Tables}</bold> | Ticket No: <bold>{TICKET NO}</bold>
<color Dark Red>{NOTE}</color>

<bold>{QUANTITY}- {NAME}</bold>

- {QUANTITY} {NAME}|**Void**

-- Format for order tags
   <color Red>     {ORDER STATE:Order Note}</color>
   <color Red>     * {ORDER TAG NAME}</color>
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Also this would not allow you to clear one item at a time it will clear the entire ticket.

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after changing template it got white and same it is multiple time table number or ticket number

and when i click on new order its show the colour tag

Make sure your print job is ALL LINES

Also an excellent resource is this topic Kitchen/Bar Display using Task Printer - separate displays for Food and Drink

If you notice how the drink set up is made it is similar to what your looking for. This is what I was referencing when I was working on it.

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its is same everything

do u want me to share all my settings sir

see this wht i want its in forum but ther is no method hw it is done

So follow Q’s tutorial… The screenshot is on a tutorial page… Follow what it says…

:grin: sorry JR sir tutorial totally confusing

Maybe your in over your head selling a epos solution requiring 12 licences then…
If you selling that many or that bigger package I would have thought you would be able to follow one of Q’s tutorials…
Yet another reseller who hasn’t devoted the time to learn the system overselling there services and disappointing clients no doubt


:grinning:sir from past one month i am just customizing this software all done as per customer requirement now stuck at one issue i am not at all getting hw to do wht to do needed help

Put an add in add sections for paid work.
Your not going to get endless free help from regulars on forum supporting the community so you can make money yourself and they just waste thair time.


do i get paid help from samba pos team

if u know any one refer me please i wil pay

You can pay for samba direct support I believe or post in the forum adds section

Or just buy the QMX version from here. QMX for SambaPOS ::: Cross-Platform Mobile Client

His website. https://qmxcode.com


i downloaded tht qmx but i am getting this error

Qmx has its own support page please use that. BTW you must READ instructions and follow them.