Button changes price instead of quantity

Hello there,
I have a question.

I have a Wing’s buffet on Monday. All Wings you can eat.
However in order for me to be able to track inventory of all wings consumed i created two different buttons one called Buffet (with a price of $119) and the second one call WingsBuffet but has no price attached to it. I just want to to do two things

1.- sends the order to the kitchen with the sauces customer selected
2.- deducts the wings from my inventory so i can keep track

But when i try to select with number pad 12 WingsBuffet it keeps changing the price for $12 instead of changing quantity of items.

I am using V5

Any ideas how can i change this??


Check the action in the rule your using sound likes you have numberpad value set to update price instead of quantity in the update order action

This is by design.

When a Product has a Price, the Numpad sets the Quantity.
When a Product has no Price, the Numpad sets the Price.

To overcome this, you must set a Price for the Product.

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Sorry to bring this up from the past…

I am having trouble cloning a ticket when a custom price has been set. The clone process seems to clone the quantity, but the price on the new ticket will be incorrect. Are there any plans to change this cloning functionality, or should we handle this using automation some-how?

That’s a 0 priced product with manual price or a product with changed price, its cloning as the price list price I guess?

Bingo, it’s cloning the menu “list price” so if you did a manual price change, or if it was a customized “zero priced” product then the clone functionality won’t produce the expected result.

Then you must use automation to recreate the manual process after clone.

How would you do this? Save each product and price as program settings? How would you loop through and store each one?