Button Mappings not working when selecting specific ticket types

Im having an issue whereby when i want a button mapping on just a particular ticket type it still shows on all other ticket types

An example, i only want my refund cash and refund card payment buttons to appear on the payment screen when the ticket type is refund.

when selecting an order and pressing the refund button my ticket type changes to refund but the payments buttons do not show. They only show if they are mapped to *

The same applies to automation command buttons, the is the option to map to a specific ticket type, however if i select a ticket type they still show on other ticket types so ive had to filter them by state instead. An example here is a wastage setup i have created whereby an order is added to ticket, selected and wastage button pressed. this changes ticket type to wastage so i dont want discount buttons, price change etc etc showing in this ticket type so i set them to show on other ticket types but did not map it to wastage ticket type but they still show

Quick question and this might answer my issue, does the ticket type only get changed once the ticket is closed, so if i i then display my wastage ticket for example back onto the screen the mappings would then work? if that is the case that explains why the buttons still show when i have changed the ticket type when the ticket is open?

Thinking about this would also explain why the payment buttons on the payment screen show, if the ticket type doesnt update until after ticket closed?