Call client terminal

Hi everyone. I would like to implement a call with a beep sound that is only played on a specific terminal after a key has been pressed by another terminal. I use a sql. What action should I implement so that the audio file is only played on the second terminal? like from a wrong syntax photo?


First you would probably be better saving the file locally to the machine.
To go between terminals you would use broadcast message and message received rule mapped to recipient machine only.
HOWEVER, I am not sure if this will fire if a ticket is open on the machine the sound will play. I know triggers don’t get received if ticket is open, not sure about broadcast message

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Ok i will try with message. Yes the file wav is in the client machine. or I could run a process that starts a .bat file on the client machine.?!?

Doesn’t just referring to file like that open it in a media player?
I’ve never tried it but would have imagined you would end up me either media player open or lots of media player Windows open under samba.

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There is more info here

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No, when play music dont open new player, simpli start the sound.

You could take a look at psExec which is part of the sysinternals suite.

Uisng psExec you can launch a process on a remote machine (assuming you have the correct credentials). Therefore you could run the psExec command on the local terminal, but that command with then trigger the “play sound” command to be triggered on a different computt.


I saw that. but if I succeeded without other external programs, I prefer. Thanks

That is not an external program. BTW Sound files dont just play themselves… something has to play them and that something is software of some kind.