Playing Kitchen notification sounds for new orders


finaly it works with me.

you need to create .bat file :

powershell -c (New-Object Media.SoundPlayer "D:\SAMPAPOS5\loocadet.wav").Play(); Start-Sleep -s 5; Exit; 

then add new Start Process action to run the .bat file

then add this action to the Ticket Closing Rule to run the sound every time new order send to kitchen.

hopfully this will benifit some one :wink:


Thanks very fancy will use it surely

To avoid playing the notification sound again when try to clear the kitchen order, you can create new rule with Before Ticket Closing Event.

Thanks to Emre , Kendash and every one help me with it.

SambaPOS is the BEST :heart_eyes:


how i can create a .bat file?

Write your code in notepad or similar and save as .bat :slight_smile:

Hello JTRTech,
i dont know what code i need to write there…

Google batch files you should get some ideas.

The code to put in the bat file is in the very first post in this topic…

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Helo QMcKay
i dont know how to write the commands you can show me that please.
I know almost nothing about scripts and commands…

Umm he just showed you… it sounds like you need to learn then. I dont know what else he can do other than fly over and do it for you… doubt he would do that.

.bat files is not SambaPOS related. You should google .bat files and study them. They are VERY Basic and you can understand them in a few minutes if you would google it and read.

But since I feel somewhat good this morning I will give you a simple layout.

  1. Start Notepad.exe
  2. Type powershell -c (New-Object Media.SoundPlayer "D:\SAMPAPOS5\loocadet.wav").Play(); Start-Sleep -s 5; Exit;
  3. Click Save As and name it ilearnedsomethingtoday.bat

Now you have created a .bat file named ilearnedsomethingtoday

It might look like this:

Here is a more complicated explanation for you to read.


Thanks for the answers but its not working jet…

Ok thanks for letting us know its not working unfortunately we can’t really offer you additional help at this time. To get further assistance you need to explain what is not working, what you have tried, and most importantly share some screenshots so we can find out what you have done wrong. We lack the ability to know these things without you sharing them.


Ok i will show you what i have done:slight_smile:…

i did it with the same comands too;
“powershell -c (New-Object Media.SoundPlayer “D:\SAMPAPOS5\loocadet.wav”).Play(); Start-Sleep -s 5; Exit;”

looks like sound.mp3 is not located in c:\ it is located on your desktop. You need to change your .bat file to C:\Users\youruser\Desktop\sound.mp3 or just move it to c:\

Also your .bat file is not located in c:\ it too is located in your desktop.

So either move them to c:\ or change your file path in your action and your .bat file accordingly.

no i change the location :smiley: i did it only to show you the files…

Try making a .wav file perhaps it cant play .mp3. At least test with .wav file. I am fairly sure you would need a MP3 player program for that to work something like WinAmp supports command line I believe.
EDIT: Yes WinAmp supports command line:

1. Using the command line interface to control Winamp

Note: New 5.11+ multi user/instance commandline switches can be found below.

The simplest, easiest, least powerful way of controlling Winamp is to 
execute winamp.exe yourself. By simply calling winamp.exe with various 
command line options, you do a number of things. For example:

C:\path\to\winamp\winamp.exe /ADD C:\mp3\whatever.mp3

(Adds C:\mp3\whatever.mp3 to the playlist of a running Winamp, if Winamp
 is running, otherwise it opens Winamp and plays it outright)

C:\path\to\winamp\winamp.exe /NEW

(Creates a new instance of Winamp, even if Winamp is already running)

C:\path\to\winamp\winamp.exe C:\mp3\file.mp3

(Plays the file C:\mp3\file.mp3, regardless of whether or not Winamp is open)

C:\path\to\winamp\winamp.exe /CLASS="myclassname"

(Opens Winamp with a different Window Class name "myclassname")

As you might notice, what you can actually do using the command line 
interface is pretty limited. It is really easy to get started with, 
though. You can also specify multiple files and or directories on the 
command line, such as:

C:\path\to\winamp\winamp.exe /NEW "C:\my mp3s\" "C:\bigplaylist.pls" "C:\download\new song.mp3" 

For more advanced Command Line switches you can use a plugin such as WACommand.

ok i will check that… thanks

You better not use c:\ I don’t think user have permission to access root c:. Move everything to user directory.

Your error is appearing because the Start Process Action cannot find your BAT file. This is because your BAT file is called “New textdocument.txt”. You need to rename it to “sound.bat”.

And yes, you need to place the sound file in the same location as the BAT file.

Thanks for the help but its still not working, its possible that i have problems with admin rights…