Caller ID doesnt show second number


Hello Community

I use Version 4 with Caller ID. It is working well.

When I select incoming phone via Pop up and making an order for this customer, at this point another customer can call me. Caller ID pop up is selected and the customer is choosed for order. Modem is free now.

It is possible that Sambapos shows me this second number during this first order?



Yes if it’s done on a second terminal. Popup will work fine. You can’t do that on one terminal though.


You mean i need to make another installation of V4?

Sambapos cannot make an incoming phone list?


No if you have a ticket open popup won’t work. No it won’t make a list. I mean you need a second physical terminal.


How would you be able to take that call while your already on a call?


No need to take that Call when I am on the phone, but i need to see the second number, or other numbers. if your order takes 3 min., you loose the control.

My old system showed me one call and listed the others, if not answered. In our country we have a system: if you are on the phone, another customer can call you with the same number. The line is not busy.

Integrated Services Digital Network

Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) is a set of communication standards for simultaneous digital transmission of voice, video, data, and other network services over the traditional circuits of the public switched telephone network. It was first defined in 1988 in the CCITT red book.


Yes that’s everywhere it’s called call waiting. No it won’t create a list. Do you call them back or something? That’s kinda strange.

I know what ISDN is and it’s old and not used much here. We have call waiting on our normal lines.


I mean most people just call back if they can’t get through. I don’t understand unless your calling them back.


I just use the caller ID on my phone if I need to call someone back.


You make an order with a customer, and another customer calls you before you finish your order.
What do you make in this case? When you finish your order process, and you print your ticket. Sambapos is ready again for next order, BUT the second number is not in caller ID Popup, how do you find it?


I don’t run a business like that. If I’m on phone and someone calls in they will just have to call back after I’m done with first caller. I don’t call people back that seems crazy to me.


Ho do you find this second number?


I don’t need to. They call back. But if I had to I would just look at my phone’s caller id


In short your not going to get a solution for that, at least definatly not in v4.
For your senario you describe I would setup call waiting in que rather than ring through so the extention your caller id is on doesnt receive seccond incoming call untill available.
Ive not seen a direct ISDN caller ID device so you must be running some form of switchboard to pass through to an analogue extension.


Generally ISDN or multiline service is not very effective if you only have one receiving extension that can be answered…
We had a crazy setup like this at othe last hotel the group bought, 2xISDN so 4 lines but all incomming only went to a single reception phone. Pointless. You should have a hunt group. The aim in general is for calls to be answered asap, as little waiting/que as possible.

So what happens if you have a 3rd or 4th call, you want them to wait 10 minutes to order, they wont!

What you really wont is a second extention with second till so you can answer second call. After that you would be better off either with the que until free setup or just a voicemail and ditch the typically expencive ISDN - I mean if you can only answer one call at a time why bother having multiple lines?
Thats my 2 cents worth from my many years experience in hospitality as well as experience with both EPOS and Phone Systems.


@JTRech : I mean if you can only answer one call at a time why bother having multiple lines?

Advantage of this: the line is not busy for the customer. Sometimes the customer dont have patience and they call another restaurant. If the line is not busys, you can just asnwer and invite this customer to wait 2 min.

You dont loose your customer.


What if a third customer calls?


So this is your solution;


You finish the first one :slight_smile: at this time.


I just think that’s crazy. Mosy people won’t just call another restaurant. They will call back. But for that purpose just enter their info in customer screen you don’t need the popup for that.