Caller ID doesnt show second number


Last question: why i cannot buy extentions for version 4 from Sambamarket?


All purchases go through resellers since early 2018.


V4 is no longer supported. V5 is the latest version. You need to contact a reseller for v5.


How it is possible? Need to create an account on your site?

#45 has a link to find a reseller near you.


OK, i will check it. Thank you very much for your support.


If you already have modules it would need intervention from samba themselves as you will already have an account.
If its new account any reseller should be able to help but before looking at v4 modules please evaluate v5, all the main modules are included in v5 licence - backup db tasks and custom reports.


Just click the get started button fill it out.


Emre has written : * SambaPOS V5 license costs $99 per restaurant. If you have 2 restaurants you’ll buy 2 licenses. You can connect unlimited terminals as they connects to a single database.

  • V5 contains all paid V4 modules.

Its is actual?


No that’s old. Sambapos is now sold through resellers and base price typically is $ 249 but it varies some resellers won’t sell just a license. The $99 was temp price when it first released. It was never going to be that low.