Caller id pop up issue

hi samba team
Can anyone explain to me
How to make a rule to paste a phone number from caller id pop up to the search entity bar???

No rule needed for that. Tapping on popup should send phone number to customer search screen.

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hi @emre,
Is it possible to set a rule to Automatically
send phone number to customer search screen when a Caller id pop up Appears???

even while you are creating a ticket?

No. Only when the ticket is closed As that now PopUp appears only if the card is closed

Doesn’t it send phone number to search screen when you tap on popup?

Not automatically. I set a rule and it works but
you can add a rule to Auto send the phone to search bar?
I Have used PopUp clicked rule to set it up. can you add a PopUp appeared rule ??

do you type phone numbers manually? When you tap on popup it should switch to customer search screen and display phone number (and matching customer) automatically. There might be a problem with your current configuration. Did you renamed customer entity type?

No I Did not renamed customer entity type

I Have used PopUp clicked rule to set it up. can you add a PopUp appeared rule ??

Device Event Generated rule executes when phone rings. There is no specific rule for popup appears.

Thanks emre I will do thet

hi @emre
i set up a Device Event Generated rule to executes when phone rings And it works great
Is there a way to add a rule to close automatic caller id popup after Customer selected?

@emre?? Anybody?? :smile:

Does anyone know is it possible??

The popup closes when you touch it. That is the way it should work. When someone rings, the popup shows the callerid, you touch it and it brings up the customer search screen with that customer.
There is no command or action to close popups.

thenks john
I hope that @emre will add this option

I think you have a broken setup. There is no need to do any rules for caller id to work properly.