Caller ID popup slow to show or not show at all


I have recently stated having a number of issues using the Caller ID module, happening in both 5.2.14 and 5.2.18. A number of recent clients have reported this, yesterday I did an on-site install and also experienced the issue myself, so was able to capture a video.

We use Generic Modem type with Zoom 3095 USB modems, we have installed this over the last couple years to many clients.

Clients have reported when the phone rings, the caller ID popup either does not show, or it shows after a delay of 10-20 seconds.

Yesterday I tested this myself, in Putty the caller ID data is coming through on first ring every time as expected, however in SambaPOS, on the 2 attempts I recorded, one time it took 14 seconds to show the popup, the second time the popup did not show at all.

I also noticed that sometimes the popup will show the number from a previous call and not the one that is ringing, it’s like it has cached the data somewhere or something is blocking the data coming through.

Also is there any way to get additional debugging / log info about what is going on so we can diagnose this better and help to resolve this.

Caller ID data in Putty

Caller ID in SambaPOS, taking 14 seconds to show popup.

Another incoming call, this one didn’t even show up in SambaPOS after 42 seconds (nothing interesting to see but posting just as I took the video also)

@emre I saw there was some other posts about Caller ID recently, did you change something how this works from 5.2.14 ?


You can try to handle device event generated rule for debugging.


@mehmet can you reproduce this?


I have same problem too


Were you using Caller ID with SambaPOS before 5.2.14 and was it working then stopped after upgrading, or you first installed with 5.2.14 or later?


Was working fine before upgrading to 5.2.19 beta.


What version were you on before upgrading?


Not sure .
It was an old one


@markjw did you had chance to check device event rule? Is it also triggering late?


I checked and its also triggering late


Are you using Generic Modem Device too?


Yes i am…


Did you entered a custom detail format? If you did can you clear it and try again?

There is only one related change since August and this is the only change in 2018… hmmm.

Edit: On @markjw’s video I noticed there is no custom formatting. What can it be…


I tried to clear the custom detail format and still same problem


Is it also coming late when you click on test?


Its the same


For me problem started after updating to 5.2.19
Before i was usin old Version fro a year ago.


Juts to clarify… when you click on test link the test popup appears but it appears with a delay, right?


Yes it looks like samba is stuck and after 10-15 seconds it appears


Does screen freezes?