Caller ID testing (how?), and some odd behaviour

I’ve been tasked with implementing the caller id functionality available. One of the quickest KB tutorial to implement, I must say!

The issue I have is that I have no way to test anything down here. I don’t know anyone (literally) that has a land line here.

I see the ‘Test’ button that seems to work but there’s no way for me to change the number format to mimic what would be incoming at the location it would be used.

Is there a program to send fake CID stuff for which SambaPOS is listening? My googlefu has failed in this search. I don’t know if maybe the devs have some script/code sitting around they may have used to test.

Current installs don’t use the default delivery screen and has no entity search widget. I created a new entity screen with just the entity search widget to receive the data from the action. When the entity screen is the last that was selected/viewed the number comes through just fine. When another screen is left as the last selected/viewed no phone number makes it to the widget on the necessary entity screen. Having only the ‘Test’ feature in settings, I’m not sure if this is just because the switch is coming from within management.


Any help, advice, tips, or cookie dough ice cream is most appreciated.

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I dont have a landline either, when I was tinkering with caller id a while back I used a grandstream handytone as a voip to analogue gateway with a normal USB cid device for testing.
They are not overly expencive.

It takes forever for packages to arrive here, unfortunately - two weeks minimum and closer to a month usually. That’s why I was kinda hoping for a software solution of sorts.

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Well maybe you could try setting cid conf to point to com port and push in the values?
Maybe a virtual com loop and post from putty to one with samba listening to other?

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THat sounds like an idea. I just found an old V4 post about configuring the generic modem. This makes more sense as I was wondering how SambaPOS knew where to listen. I don’t recall seeing that in the KB.

I’ll report back. Thanks, JTR!

The free com0com tool will let you create a null modem connection between 2 com ports - so you can setup e.g. COM3 → COM4, set in SambaPOS COM4 for listening then send some data to COM3 and it will be picked up by SambaPOS on COM4.

If you have a look at the CHC source I posted on that topic, you can see the format that is being sent and you could send via command prompt echo whatever > COM3 or you could even just modify the program to just work to send test data to the COM port instead of interfacing with the USB caller ID device.

On another point, I notice your original post you were using “CID Show” as the device - that is a specific brand device, so it will be expecting that hardware to be connected. You want to use “Generic Modem” for your own implementation, it is compatible with most devices that send to a COM port.

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never mind - I’m an idiot


Alright, I’m back.

So I’m not going to pass the phone number to an entity screen widget. Instead, I’m going to pipe it into some automation that’ll work better with the way tickets are created.

Is there a way to disable the default popup? I’d only like the green one to appear. I have no automation responding to a click on that popup (red default one).


Generic Modem settings:

I’m trying to work with the popup from the modem device.

I have an unmapped entity screen with just the entity search widget.

After creating a new customer entity, one is not allowed to select the newly-created entity. Instead, consistently, focus is given to the another entity screen and it’s always the same entity screen. Order of the entity screens doesn’t change. Whether the entity screen with the entity search widget is mapped or unmapped doesn’t make a difference.

Custom entity search entity screen unmapped:


Custom entity search entity screen mapped:


Order of entity screens changed:


Checked rule debugger just to be on the safe side. Nothing other than the PopupClicket event.

When selecting a customer, everything works as it should.


Any idea what’s going on and how I might go about resolving this? TIA

I don’t know if this would have effect, but do you have the entity type you want defined in the Entity Type List (of the Ticket Type)?

Yep. Entity type “Customers” defined for all ticket types and generic modem.

Does the rules debugger have any clues?

nada - this is all that’s shown:


In the entity screen setting, do you have anything listed for the Entity Type? If so, does clearing it have any effect? Or selecting a different Entity Type (maybe Tables).

Clearing the entity type for the entity search widget throws a NullReferenceException as one would expect. I don’t have a tables entity, but changing the entity type to “Deliverers” causes the entity screen to behave as expected. Lovely :man_facepalming:


Well, I cloned the “Customer” entity type and now things work.

Anyone have any ideas why? Or am I going to have to clone the entity type at every location then go through and manually update everything reverencing the original customer entity type?


What if you change the entity screen to custom and put search widget on it?

that’s what it is already

I’m going to assign the new entity type where needed and see what happens

Deleted the entity screen and remade it. Now there’s no issue. Configurations are identical (I mean obviously not, but who knows). Go figure. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Thanks everyone for your replies! As always, I most appreciate it.

I think it’s beer-thirty already.

Glad you got it working. I can’t tell how many times I start over and seemingly the same settings and suddenly it works. I feel your pain!

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