Can not close ticket please help

I haven’t been use V5 for a while but today i decide use it again. Problem is I can’t close ticket close button wont work even when ticket it paid. It still go back to ticket screen it should go back to entity screen. I don’t know what going on V5 I work fine for me before. Please help Thanks :cry:

I stuck on ticket screen cant even close program. i have to open Task Manager just to close program.:worried:

Calm down! Its likely you’ve changed the action to what the close button has done. Try rebuilding default settings by going here:

See if this fixes it,
If not confirm that in your department that your ticket creation method is set to “Select Entity”

Hi I just try to rebuild button still not working. I pretty sure it work fine before. it just not working now dont know why???:frowning:

Show a screenshot of the Ticket Screen. We need to see the Status of the Ticket.

Also show the Rule named Ticket Payment Check.

Hi this is my Ticket Screen

After adding some order I can not close or go back to entity screen anymore

The Rule looks good. Does that Rule have a Mapping? Or is the mapping blank? Rules must have mappings. If they have no mappings, they will not work because they are “disabled”.

When you say “close ticket”, do you mean “Settle” the Ticket? Or do you mean when you click on the “Close” button? Or both?

Also show the Rule named Close Ticket Rule, and be sure it has a mapping.

Close Button not working at all but Settle Button still working it take me to payment screen but when it paid it still go back to ticket screen

Both Rules are mapping :worried:

Do you have a very advanced setup? I.e. if you really need to trade for buisness I suggest you export all menu items, copy this databse, make a fresh database and import all menu items and readd any custom entit rules

I migrate V4 database that I use to V5 and it just work fine couple months ago. It just now that not working. It will take me a ages to setup if I start fresh.:worried:

Ok, have a think, what changes to the program have you made since it stopped working. When you next restart the program, Can you close the work period? If not try going to the tickets in the navgiation menu and go and close each one.

Show all Rules for the following Events:

Before Ticket Closing
Ticket Closing
Ticket Closed

For example…

I can close work period but once I go to ticket screen I will stuck in there

That all I got:worried:

Thats ok Q has more due to the advanced setup he has, open both those rules, expand the action and paste them im the forum


Ok, it’s good that you don’t have any others - it makes troubleshooting easier.

Show the one named Ticket Closing Rule. It is not the same as Close Ticket Rule.

This is Ticket closing rule

and it mapping

Looks good. Hmm… weird.

Let’s try the Rule Debugger.

  • Select a Table
  • Add some orders
  • click Clear button in Debugger
  • click the Close button
  • post a screenshot of the Debugger, with all sections expanded if possible

It should look similar to this (sections are not expanded):

That is not good. It should look like this: