Close button on ticket screen doesn't work,in one department only

My close button doesn’t work on one of my departments.

It works fine on another department thought, I have followed these posts…

But I have deleted my TAX accounting type so It isn’t one of those explanations there.

I have three departents and three different ticket types.

I have double checked all my actions firing to be correct but I can not see a solution.

I did notice this started when I deleted my tax accounting type.

No Tax Template
No Tax Account

OK, I’ve tested and it is my default MENU that is preventing my close button from working on the ticket screen!

My default menu works fine, but my second menu is the problem.

Any idea where I can look for a quick fix?

Ok so i’ve run into a big brick wall…

It is not the Ticket Type that is causing the problems…as I thought it was.

It’s definitively the Default Menu in Departments

Change the menu to blank then all is good again.

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Don’t know if I’m spamming here but here is the Rule Debugger for my faulty department that doesn’t close the ticket. If anyone spots something please give a shout.

Guys please help me with this one, I really need some advise.

You havn’t shown anything relating to the close button, can you screenshot the button command settings, mappings and the rule and its mappings?

Thank you JTRTech:

Ok so thats good, going back to your flow I missed the close ticket action first time round.
How come you have two actions after the close ticket action?
I havent done a kitchen display but if you have closed the ticket how are these interacting?

I’m sorry I don’t know how they interact…

Looking back at the debugger you have two close ticket actions in the flow, one on the automation command rule but also one on the order state updated… that cant be right?

All my rules and actions are from tutorials, the only close ticket action added is the following:

That doesnt seem right to me… Ticket closing event will be happening after the ticket closing has been initiated. Its very last event before closing right after before ticket closing.
But looking back again at debugger they are not the same, think its just the way the actions are named…

But you do have close ticket action twice by looks of it, you showed it in last screen shot on the automation command event and then its also there in that screenshot on the ticket closing event.

Pretty sure you shouldnt have the ticket close action in the ticket closing event…

Try disabling it with 2==1 in constraint for a bit and see if it messes anything up.
Not sure if it will have an effect and doubting if its related to your issue.

That is correct. The Ticket is already on it’s way to being Closed if the the Ticket Closing Event has been triggered.

Whether or not it breaks anything by removing that Action in your flow of automation, isn’t even really relevant… it should not be there, and it might be possible that it is causing issues. Which Tutorial shows that the Close Ticket Action should be part of the Ticket Closing Rule?

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OK understood:


Like you said problem of ticket not closing still there

Thanks for confirming Q.
@stephanhenning after you have pressed close do you get any flicker of it closing? Do you have autologout enabled? Does it still show the user name in the bottom right?

Im still questioning those two actions after the ticket being closed…

Can you show the rule containing the KDstatus and KD Print Job?

How does the debug list compare to the same flow in the other department? That would probably be a good comparison to see what is happening differently.

I am sure there could be other causes to this issue, however, as I have mentioned before, it usually has to do with a mis-configured Transaction Type. It could be a Tx Type that is used with Tax, or used with a Calculation, or anything really, including the Sale Tx Type.

Other possible reasons that are more obvious:

  • Ticket has no Entity
  • Ticket has no Ticket Tag

If the Ticket has no Entity and has no Ticket Tag, it cannot be closed. You need one or the other (or both is ok too).

Working Department Debugger:

No flicker on screen
User still visible
Autolog out not mapped but is installed

On the bill print it has a Ticket number, but still cannot close…

You might be able to determine the cause by looking at the Debugger if there are Rules configured to trigger on any and all Events. But in the case of a mis-configured Tx Type, you will not see this in the Debugger, because you probably don’t have any Rules configured to watch for Events of:

Account Transaction Document Created
Account Transaction Added to Ticket