Can we still map out the tables, according to a floor plan of the restaurant?

If I remember correctly, that was a feature in earlier versions.

Yes you can. Custom layouts are still there.

Thanks John, is there a tutorial somewhere? I couldn’t find it in the settings.


In your Department, set the Ticket Creation Method to Select Entity.

The the Entities create your entities i.e table numbers 1-2-3-4 etc

Then in the Entity screens set the view mode for your Tables to custom and enter the path for the background image.

Log Out and Log In. You should now see your background image you selected right click and enter design mode. Right Click again and select Add Widget - Entity Buttton.

Position and map them to your entities.

Good Luck.

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I just created a quick video on how to create tables, table screen and design a custom layout with a background picture.

When I get time I will create a better one with audio.


@JohnS John, thank you very much, the video is very clear. I have managed to map a few tables against my floor plan.

Great video. Now I’m thinking how we should gather them at a single place…

This would come under Tutorials.
I want to do a better version with audio. I also want to do a video on pre orders and the changes to ticket lister widget.

That will be great! I’m looking forward to watch your videos …

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in the process of deleting the preexisting tables and creating new tables, ive run into an obstacle. I’ve successfully deleted all the default tables except one ‘B10.’ when I try to delete the entity, I get a “cannot be deleted it is used by a ticket” message. I suspected maybe I created a ticket on B10 previously without getting rid of it, but none were visible. any ideas about what I could try to delete it? I’ve left it out on entity screen so it is not visible while using POS but I want to be tidy.

You either need to clear all Transactions, or find and delete the Ticket reference in the DB that has the Entity assigned. This would be found in the table called [TicketEntities].

The easiest solution would be to simply delete one of your new tables, and rename the B10 table to the same name of the one you just deleted.

I you aren’t in “production” mode yet, I would clear transactions.

Thank you for Video.

My monitor is landscape.
Can we change the margines of layout?
There is a lot of unused area.

Thank you

The simplest way I’ve found to make the layout “stretch” to the edges is to set a background picture. Use something having approximately a 16x9 ratio … adjust the images size according to your needs.

I have a 1920x1080 resolution monitor, and use an image that is 2100x900.

The higher the pixel-density, the larger the screen will appear, but the text sizes begin to shrink.

Tip: Using a background image is a nice workaround. Also you can drag widgets to the right side of the screen to adjust resolution (zoom / space). However I saw some people used too big background images that results with tiny widgets. Background image resolution and dpi should match to monitor resolution for better results.