Can you add a button to repeat order?

@Jesse hey Jesse, I’m looking to use a function like this in my bar. To bad order tags don’t function correctly, but what about auto-select. If we can get auto-select to work that would help. At minimum I can save free-tagging to make order tag modifiers quicker. Couldn’t figure it out, thanks.


I’ve tried a few different actions trying to get {ORDER TAGS} to work with Add Order. Doesn’t seem to be accessible. If order tags won’t copy over then autoselect would be a helpful option on Add Order action. Any ideas @emre


Manage > Products > Menu List > [Menu]

  • Select a Category, and click Edit Product Properties.

  • In the Order Tag field, type the Order Tags that you want to automatically added to the Order, as a comma-separated list.

  • Optionally, select the Auto Select checkbox if you want the Order Tag Screen to automatically appear


Hi @QMcKay - Neither of these work with the Repeat Order button that was created above. Order Tags need to be copied from the selected menu item, not set defaults of specific products.

Additionally, when using the function above by Kendash the copied order does not autoselect regardless if the product autoselect is checked.


Ahh, I see.

Ok, here is a small proof-of-concept, but it is a bit intensive.

First, here are my Order Tag Groups:

Now some Automation to take care of Groups Bread, Meat, Cheese, Condiments …

And the Result… the Condiments are missing, I assume because there is more than 1 in the list, and we need to figure the format required to feed multiple values in …

As it turns out, the contents of {ORDER TAG LIST:Condiments} is comma-separated values, but I assume the Tag Order Action only supports a single value, not multiple values…

For next update (.60)

I added Order Tag JSON parameter to Add Order action so you can define order tags in JSON format. To support that I also added {ORDER TAG JSON} tag to read source order’s order tag data in JSON format.

I also added Duplicate Orders action. This action works a little differently. It can alter order states and clear order tags if configured to do so. The main difference of this action is it works silently. It won’t trigger order added or other related events.

I hope these features covers your cases.


Does this work with order tag with prefix (prefixes are not in the order tag list)? That was issue when I use script to read order tag and use tag order action.

Another issue was menu item name with ' I have to escape it.

For example
Prefix: No, Less
Order Tag list: peppers, onion, mushrooms
No free tagging allow!
If order tag read No onion, it can’t tag because no No Onion tag only Onion tag.

BTW should we move last few posts to this Clone Item(s), Re/repeat order to the same ticket

since it is not V4 anymore

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I programmed the reorder button according to the instructions above but when I highlight an item and click reorder nothing appears on my screen although the reorder prints to the printer. I can’t figure out what step I missed. Any help would be appreciated.

In v5 there is action call duplicate orders.

The duplicate order works but it duplicates the status of submitted so it doesn’t print. How do I change the status to New?

Thank you for your help…

enter Status=New in State

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Thank you it works now.