Clone Item(s), Re/repeat order to the same ticket

I try to create clone/repeat items one the same ticket. Not clone the whole ticket.
It was previously disscuss on this post:

But right now I using script to do it. It works on most of the time except only when items with prefix order tag.

Because when item has prefix Add but order tax list doesn’t have word “add” so, it could not find the tag so, it cannot tag the order. Only way to make it work is to add all prefix to order tag list.

But wondering when we use Create Ticket->Clone all orders, the items with prefix does work with have prefix word in the order tag list.

Right now Tag Order action does not have prefix option to simulate that. It would be nice if it can do the same as Create Ticke->Clone.

Is there better way to do this then adding every prefix to order tag?

Got another idea using free tagging. Since I don’t want to add free tagging to existing order tag because waiter will type in a lot of non sense thing :wink:

But I think it would work creating another order tag with no mapping for this purpose but probably can’t edit/add/remove that tag but it clone item why would you clone if you don’t want the exactly the same thing right.