Cannot open program in PC after Mobile Client connection settings

Hi, at first I downloaded SAMBAPOS5 and Mobile Client and done all settings to get connected
it was just a demonstrating so I deleted all program in PC and mobile and at the next day I reinstalled in PC. However i cannot access showing up this, what could be the problem?

now I use sambapos 5 and SQL server 2017
any idea or do i have to delete old database where?


Did you set up SQL server 2017 as prompted during Samba installation? If so, there’s a patch that needs to be installed from microsoft website.

sorry I dont understand much, do you mean I need to install SQL2017 same time as when download sambapos? Now I was seperating downloading SAMBAPOS and SQL 2017 because I think SQL that comes with sambapos is not the full one, so I download it seperately

Check out this post from pauln. It is a great resource to start from.

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now I still can’t connect to the database
I just want 1 pc to connect to sql with no mobile connection
please advice me

Are the protocols enabled and dynamic ports disabled with the default port set?

See this post about configuring those:

now i just want to disconnect all terminal and work as a normal single outlet.
I uninstalled all sambapos but it keeps showing this


Please visit and visit the section for setup of multi terminals and sql server. Everything you need is in this knowledge base. If you need more help feel free to reach out to a reseller in your area and they can offer paid support.

Done this and everything is fine. Thank you!